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Found 4 results

  1. Best trailer by far. And for some reason it made 2 topics. Can a MOD delete the other one, thanks.
  2. Edit: Bones beat me by a couple minutes! --- This should maybe have its own thread; not sure if it's directly related to the trailer, but... IGN dropped some goodies this morning. I haven't had a chance to read any of this yet but the first one looks like some impressions from a live demo.
  3. GunSmith

    The Forest

    Has anyone tried The Forest? Currently exclusive to PC; a PS4 version is in development. An ever-expanding open-world forest island is populated by smart and cunning, but primitive cannibalistic natives (plus tons of woodland critters and living, lifelike flora). By the light and safety of sunlight, you're tasked with organizing and establishing a means to survive the nocturnal native activity. I'm blown away by the AI so far. The cannibals are believably cautious; they don't charge you relentlessly like every other survival-horror enemy. They hang back, communicate and coordinate with fellow tribals, and monitor and adapt to the player's behavior. Fallen trees, remains of campfires, etc. will provoke the cannibals' curiosity, causing them to investigate the player more closely, etc. It's very easy to sink lengths of time into this. This is the most engaging and captivating game I've played in a while. Hope there are a few players here, I'm dying to try co-op.
  4. Hellooo fellow posters!!! so we have heard rumours of the next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, in my opinion consoles can't get any better performance wise, we have blu ray disks, full 1080p graphics, replaceable HDD up to 3TB of memory, so what is there that the next gen consoles can offer? 3D maybe? photo realism graphics? who knows, what would you like to see in the next gen consoles! post your thoughts!