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  1. i am naked under my clothes


  2. great pictures!! steampunk night looked like a lot of fun
  3. i am alive!! i think

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      well damn! you and casey need to pop online tuesday then, it's been far too long since we last saw you two....

    3. Pobjason


      yeah we need to, we where talking about it a few days ago, its just hard for us to get on that early, so maybe we can make the second playlist if yall still do 2


    4. gtagrl


      We do still do two playlists, sometimes three on a good night. Or we try out new adversary modes.

  4. i did manage to get a few pics, most of the time i forgot to record cause it had be so long lol
  5. i plan to come to the early playlist for sure, then i will have to get off,
  6. I feel inspired, I am loggin on now to fuck around with my character and sell some cars lol
  7. damn bones your character looks awesome, mad max style, might have to get gramps out and dress him up for this night
  8. the logo issue is fixed also, no more white boxes once you change the pic
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    2. DiO


      jesus christ people on the newswire are a bunch of tools. blabbing out no biker dlc. I would LOVE biker dlc but can you just appreciate your getting this here for free.

    3. Qdeathstar


      sp dlc? no? stuff it.

    4. DiO
  9. You motorboatin son of a bitch! You old sailor you!

  10. i might not be able to make it on for my own damn theme. geez and dio the blazin bike race i made is suppose to be a gta race so we can blow shit up, so make sure you select gta race incase i am not there to remind you
  11. i loved my dance of death, guess i have moves like jager