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  1. i was reading an article today that said you can customize your dog with accesories like when chop was wearing a green bandana in one of the trailers but it also said if your a bad owner your dog will run away so i hope this aint just false information
  2. the maps ment to be bigger then SA RDR and GTA IV does that mean there are going to be a shit load more hookers to kill
  3. Plausable.. I hope so, I'd love to see him wood wanking 5 minutes of trevor jacking off a baby bunny That's disgusting you sicko, we don't tolerate shit like that on this website!
  4. i hope the bullet gt and the f260 i belive its called from the ballad of gay ton are in V
  5. oh shit Plausable.. I hope so, I'd love to see him wood wanking 5 minutes of trevor jacking off a baby bunny
  6. i dont know if people have said this already but i just saying because theres a military base do you reckon one of the heists will be to rob the military base you probly do because in the tralier you see i belive trevor jump out of a jeep from the sky but yeah im geussing
  7. on GTA IV find a fork lift and can even use and can even make the lift go up and down your fucking kidding right Grand Theft Auto a First person shooter or a RPG your a fucking dick head and proply never played GTA before
  8. They said no coop for the main story so idk about separate heists missions. if some dude took michaels wife and daughter i dont think michael would even give a shit
  9. how good would it be when it rains it leaves puddles on the road and you see some shady looking prick on the side of the road you swerve and get him/her wet Dunno about anyone else but I'd be pissed off if I had to go back there. I would be too, it would just be BS. That is a little too saints row for me. A tsunami would be pretty stupid anyway, but having to go back to Liberty City, that takes it to a whole nother level. really a tsunami if there was one i dont think franklin would survive