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    Looking at my two gold medals from the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal where i won a gold medal in decatholon
    and my other medal from the 1975 Mexico City Pan American Games where i also won gold in decatholon.

    i get the giggles when i Pick off unsuspecting peds who walk by my house.
    I'm Bruce Jenner :)


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  1. Is it weird if i have morning wood in the afternoon "I'm Bruce Jenner" AND I'M BACK BABY

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    2. gtagrl

      gtagrl back ribs...

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      hey bruce, send some of your rich daughters my way... k thanks...

    4. GunSmith


      I was just thinking about you the other day, prayers were answered.

  2. Is it weird if i have morning wood in the afternoon "I'm Bruce Jenner" AND I'M BACK BABY

  3. Is it weird if i have morning wood in the afternoon\

  4. Armerican Football is weaker then Soccer at least they dont have to wear pads and helmets to run half a yard and get tackled and then wait 5 minutes to sdo the same thing again seriously American sports are boring as shit
  5. First of all, I try to be a positive role model. "I'm Bruce Jenner"

  6. I have a sudden urge to beat up half black kids with the initals N.W I'm Bruce Jenner"

    1. Brian


      Nordingham Washington? Dude, he's a cripple...

    2. rm80rams


      Wow Bruce, beating up half black cripple kids now? wow.

    3. Ace Of Spades

      Ace Of Spades

      Go for a run through the ghetto Jenner, it'll be fun trust me.

  7. I had it all then i met Kris "I'm Bruce Jenner"

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    2. Jizzy


      I'm the slime.

    3. gtagrl


      I'm Bruce Campbell.

    4. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      Yeah? Well fuck you all because "I'm Campbell Dennehy Brian Bruce The Slime Jenner"

  8. I was going to go for a jog but the wind was blowing NORTH WEST

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    2. gtagrl


      When did it turn into US Weekly in here?

    3. NeelReel


      Is the wind directing towards the north west or is the wind sexually abusing your step grandson?

    4. King_Kobra619
  9. On the video when it switches from Franklin to michael to Trevor has R* said how many differnt thing the other characters will be doing when you switch to them ? "I'm Bruce Jenner"
  10. i will switch to Trevor to find out he has a 5 star wanted level spit the dummy and throw my controller on the ground "I'm Bruce Jenner"