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  1. Didn't want to start a new topic just for this and this seemed like the most relevant place to put it. Link is for a 6 minute time lapse video of San Andreas in all it's living breathing beauty!
  2. Guess there some bugs still happening with saved cars then. Apart from this mine has been running smoothly.... Oh well back to LS Customs to burn another hard earned 50k
  3. My car got wrecked so I rang the insurance company, they delivered my car back to my garage but all the mods had gone?! Anyone else had this?
  4. Anyone got a place for me in there crew...? Searched on social club but nobodies excepting my requests Edit: I'm on PS3
  5. Start menu > online > people. You have to mute individual people though couldn't see a mute all option
  6. For 360 yes. Go to their gamercard and mute them from that. I'm sure theres some global mute option somewhere. Thanks I'm on PS3 but I've figured it out. Does anyone know what's the sketch with banking money? How's it done? Can't see any ATM's
  7. I'm on!! Is there any way to mute other players?
  8. Frustrating as hell this. Had to make a character about 12 times.... Giving up. Loading online... Create character... Online session timed out... Loading story mode... Select online mode... Crash. Repeat until insane!
  9. PSN: Big_WiLLy_Dee Also looking for a crew to join...
  10. Like everybody else here I've been counting the days for this game to come out and we've all known how truly awesome it's going to be for some time. But.... for some reason these final screens (especially this one) has made it really hit home, this is going to be one truly epic game and its going to be beyond all expectations!
  11. I thought that was pretty cool. Had to be cut quick to suit the remix. Not something to be used for an 'official trailer' but enjoyed it
  12. You were hoping for songs in the game??!! That'd be close to hours worth of music! Yes, that is a bit optimistic... Okay, so Rockstar has officially stated in interviews that there are over 240 radio tracks in the game, and we know that doesn't include talk radio. That's nearly a hundred more than San Andreas, and let's not forget the 20 hours of ambient score we'll be treated to outside our vehicles... Also, for a nice little comparison to Saints Row: Two Saints Row titles have been developed in the time that it's taken V to be completed, and if you add both SR3 and SR4's soundtracks together, you almost get as many tracks as GTA V... (247 to be exact) Well when you put it like that....
  13. I'm not sure if this article has been mentioned before (or its content) http://www.vg247.com/2013/08/29/gta-5-soundtrack-holds-240-songs-radio-stations-get-audio-previews/ but I'm slightly disappointed at the total number of songs across the radio stations. I was hoping for triple that.... Was I being overly optimistic? I just feel for the amount of hours I will put it into this game it needed to be a lot more? Note: the link contains spoilers so if you don't want to know... Don't click it!
  14. A small feauture but I think a good one would be address' ... when you recieve a mission an address is given to you in the breif when the guy is giving you the mission (i.e kid you need to get to the sunset motel on the A145 at west point thats where he's hiding out) then hop in your car or enter the start menu on your map and type in the address or select it from the recent address' section. There could be posters, billboards, Tourism points of interest signs all over the GTA V world and TV/Internet adverts aswell giving usable address'. I think it would just add to the realism of the game with getting to mission destinations or in free mode finding, hospitals, gun stores, specific clothes shops, houses/businesses for sale etc.. rather than having a map with loads of small icons scatered around. But like I said its a small idea that has no major impact either which way.. just what my mind is thinking up in these difficult times of lack of official information.
  15. I think thats a pretty good idea, you could have websites for car dealers with address' (which you should be able to enter into your map/GPS to put a waypoint or marker on it, but thats for a different subject). The dealers could start from cheap cars at ''Bills clapped-out-car forecourt'' upto "BJ's Bespoke automotive" and even specialist traders like "STEDS American Muscle Motors". You could buy them or steal them and have to use them to collect certain cars from for specific missions. I'd just like the fact that you would always know where to get a decent car from on completion like in GTA III you always knew the Banshee was behind the casino in staunton or in the car showroom in portland rather than having to hopefully spot one like GTA IV.
  16. The bank job in IV was clearly the best mission! and I wished you would of been able to go back to it and heist it again in freemode and recreate the mission with your own strategy, I hope they include this sort of thing in V, calling up your friends or going it alone and pulling off a freemode heist job would be awesome!
  17. bi·lat·er·al/bīˈlatərəl/ Adjective: Having or relating to two sides; affecting both sides. Involving two parties, usually countries. hurr durr i cant google Yeah because somebody would really notice some gold stud earings, but hey, nobody notices a nose right? Goon. I think that may of been said with a hint of sarcasm....
  18. I reckon its going to play some part in the game, you can't base something in "LA" and ignore it... it's almost as well known for that as it is movies! A mission where you have to pretend to be a surgeon would be funny, one of the antagonist your working for knows a enemy is going in for nose job at a plastic surgeons your ordered to cut his cock off and stitch it to his forehead!
  19. Haha Pete Burns on a scooter doing drive-by's on vinewood boulevard....... can actually picture that happening in real life Its not something I'd want either to be honest, with customizible protags I always end up tweaking and tweaking all the way through the game untill I get back to where I started becuase I feel thats the person I was given and who best suits the story, voice etc.. but if they put it in you don't have to use it I'm sure some people would like to have it?
  20. With GTA V being set in a current day California it would'nt be out of place? I was just thinking if R* would actually do it... go one step further than the large amount of player custimization SA had? I undertsand it could have massive implications on the story line i.e you can't base the story around a black guy from the hood then the player is given the option to become chinese etc. but what if they limited the options with things like no skin colour change or race change just height, nose, chin, eyes, mouth apperance etc Could it work? and how would feel about it if it was included?
  21. Throwing axe instead then? haha I do think that the smarter professional would choose a surpressed weapon over throwing an object at someone and potentially missing etc etc.. I just thought that it would be cool as an additional melee weapon because personally I think there the most fun after completion. The samuri sword should come back from VC aswell! Might be going slightly off subject here but I think that improving the melee system is a must also, not just for fist fighting but for handheld weapon use aswell i.e combo's, maybe even on completion of a combo a small cinematic similiar to Saints Row 3 when you do a running attack (but done realistically). I think it would give an excuse for a greater amount of hand held weapons. Who doesn't want to take out 10-15 peds in a Bruce Lee style with your nunchucks
  22. Yeah fair point a knife maybe be more visable but even a silenced pistol is louder than throwing an object.... plus throwing knives in peds faces would never get boring
  23. It should say LOL JK 24051972. Plus it would'nt of been in the trailor because its flying over Liberty City??