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  1. I will get back to GTA Online and need some ACTIVE crew on xbox 360. Im in rank 76 and I love races and free mode the most. I can speak English or Portuguese. PS: It's gotta be active crew.
  2. Finally completed my Online Garage... In order of purchase (or stolen): If you want to see more photos or the cars I already sold off, here is the link:
  3. Well, if you liked it you can see all my cars in GTA Online clicking in the link:
  4. I didn't want to have a Phoenix. Until now.. Nice work on this car man!
  5. I have 81 hours of the multiplayer. Man I am not doing shit on the college because of this game. I NEED to get tired of this game. I wish I was a children to have infinite time to play... I've modded 10 cars and I have 7 millions in the bank. I will play GTA O only sometimes in the weekend with friends. And I still have Dota2 for free time. And here is some tip: You can go to Story Mode and change your aim to Free aim. Now you can only play online sessions with people with this aim. Now you can REALLY enjoy the game. NPCs now can miss the shots, NPCs dies faster with shots in the chest and you don't get killed by other players so easily driving your sports car at 160mph or flying in a Helicopter. Shit, why I dont saw this earlier. I must now restart story mode to really play the game...
  6. I think the heists system will be limited to do with your crew members and will be a limit of one try per week. Maybe the heists will be one team vs another. Maybe the heists will be in the free mode world, where other players can interfere and try to ruin or steal the prize. And maybe the heist will not pay more than 200k for each member (if shared equally)
  7. I love having a Bounty on my head. I watch people in my front door from my television than I get out by my garage and kill EVERYONE with a sniper rifle or I call Lester to sneak around them and just blast them off with my shotgun or some grenades. Its one of the best funs in the free mode. This is one of the advantages of owning an apartment where the garage is far away from the main door, I have the 345k apartment. Eclipse tower sucks.
  8. I doubt that anymore people will get banned if they use the glitchs (If someone truly have been banned). Nobody posted here of the char's being deleted. I think I'll just try this last one to make enough fortune to buy the future updates contents and some choppers, tanks and planes(if I have time this week).
  9. I like Michael's car, Tailgater. And just updating my garage photos: Adder and Monroe. Now the Tornado: I installed the Turbo on Monroe and it makes an aspiring sound and now it looks like so fake... I want the original sound back. =( When I get my last car I will post the garage's photos.
  10. Well it seems that nobody in this forum has been banned... Well done. Yesterday I raced a guy in a Chrome Elegy with my Black Adder and I got in the place first. We started to fight in the "box" drop area and then the guy called airstrike, mercenaries, 9000 bounty etc. I think he used the glitch. xD Anyway, yesterday I won 8 races (7 consecutives) and finished one in 7th place. Than I exited and I only got 91000 for a hour racing? WTF? The races had 9 to 16 players. I won 8000 to 8800 winning races, back in the past I won 11 to 13k. It seems the Rockstar discounted the exploits on us. Its hard to make money now and its hard to the Online Game to be fun playing with no friends. I just got back to story mode. =X The reputation points are harder to get too.
  11. You can see the stats below: But there is other stats like weight which matters in corners. Penumbra is too heavy so it is steady in corners but a little slow and Rapid GT is too damn light, which makes it spins a LOT, MUCH LOT, dont try it. I've played with all sports cars (exception of Comet) and the Elegy is my favorite in therms of racing. Second is Feltzer and third is Carbonizzare. Also the Elegy is free. How does the Banshee feel like when driving? I remember on GTA 4 it was still a sport yet in some aspects compete with supercars. Banshee is like in GTA IV. He is a truly MUSCLE car (I don't know why it is in Sports Car anyway). In y opinion the Banshee were beautiful in GTA 3, like a Dodge Viper. Since GTA IV Banshee is very ugly to me. But have one of the best Accelerations in the game and feel like a muscle in the corners.
  12. Ok, changed to Power House crew =D. My Brazilian crew is full of Brazilians, so I will play with the guys from this forum.
  13. It's sure a shit. I think they did it to force people to share money with friends or to make people fight for the money. So, no mission plays with random players anymore... So the races prizes didn't changed?
  14. Gta Online doesn't have an objective. All the players care about the money. Even the Reputation points don't matter.
  15. Okay, and if I have 2 crews and want a logo from 1 but want to play with another? Can I set as active and print the logo in jacket and in my cars them switch back to my favorite crew and the logo will still be there?