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  1. i was wondering if anybody knew anything about the "Cars Exported" under criminal record on the social club. and has anyone had the problem of a notification saying that "online services are not available" while you're online, like when using the Snapmatic i cant save pictures
  2. i'm 17, Gamestop doesn't give a shit about age as long as you're within like 4 years
  3. i think its very plausible, that would definitely take away the inconveniences from IV
  4. no the multiplayer will not be available until Oct. 1 the SP game still releases on Sept. 17
  5. my guess is that it will be at (for me in the middle of the U.S., the rest will have to do the math) 9 CT
  6. take another look at that, those are clouds over his shoulder the mountain tops are lower
  7. I think that could be an incorrect translation, but it would be a good surprise if its true. More variation is good. it is, it says assaults not heists
  8. maybe its just me, but the 17th being a Saturday, i doubt we will get it then. i imagine we will see it on the 13th or the 20th
  9. well i actually did read it, and those are great ideas and i hope they're in the game too
  10. then the police try to arrest you for public indecency, all hell breaks loose