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  1. How does it work? So inviting to freeroam games is easy enough, but what about a tdm when you actually want to be on the same side as your crew? Maybe me and my mates are being a bit dull and missing something obvious but this is getting too frustrating now. Anyone know?
  2. Id just advised against "continue without saving" I just mess around on single player untill it stip give me that option and cloud is back up, have never lost a character.. Yet
  3. They have 100% toned them down a notch, car engines are the things I noticed the most but then started noticing other minor changes, I'm not fussed at all though, maybe be just lack of loading considering server condition
  4. When you say "wipe everything" mean all our progress (if any) and we all start again from the beginning? It would be the obvious thing to do for 2 reasons: 1 fair playing field, people who havent even had a sniff of online vs people who have managed hours upon hours, not really fair imo. 2 iron out all possible glitches/errors, there has been so much shit going on in the gtav world this week, from peoples shitbox consoles crashing and being unable to read discs all the way up to the most hated "character corrupted", no way would rockarse risk any further injury after they sort this heap out.
  5. I got to this point but just had a blurred screen! Not too fussed though, im guessing rockarse will wipe everything when a patch comes through, onthe topic, any news of a patch? A mate said he read about a patch being released early hours (gmt) today, no source, just bro-faith
  6. For those of us that have been lucky enough to experience some online playtime, have you noticed this differences in the feel to the game itself? Car sounds are IMPROVED! In my opinion anyway, they seem fuller with a bigger variety. Also noticed a few cars I have never seen in SP, whether I just havent come across them or they are new im not sure but ts still a nice suprise! Also a few details missing/downgraded no more flying headbutts :'( at least with my character, I dont think the buildings and textures are as detailed, car engines etc.. (dont worry unlucky folk, its hardly noticable). But again these are just some of the things I have experienced, bare in mind I had about 20mins of gameplay before going to a mission then crashing again!
  7. Still no luck, got work now untill 11 tonight so figers crossed it will be playable at least, furthest im getting atm is past character creater(which is shit itself) an the failing to host. We have faith rockstar'
  8. Im startin the think the problem has been caused by the operating systems rather than rockstar itself, or at least are partially to blame, just had quite a big update for ps3 so ill give it another go now and let you know the outcome x
  9. Think about it this way. 1 billion copies sold in 3 days. Even R* were surprised by that. They have only had 2 weeks to compensate. Give them a break. In a couple of weeks all will be sweet. Rockstar aren't a bunch of monkeys, they are clearly a clever bunch to be able to pull of a game like this in the first place, so surely they could have predicted the amount of sales and also the amount of people intending to play online. This i what has surprised me, I would have thought they would have over prepared. @TF i suppose thats the more likely situation. But again, rockstar is a big company, and for 13 hours to pass with no improvement is surprising, as well as a huge lack off updates. If they posted a update explaining what had gone wrong in simple non coding terms then im sure people would be reacting better. But anyway, Im just hoping it is up by tomorrow morning (gmt) so. I can have a bash before work!
  10. Im pretty disappointed by this as is everyone else, but I did manage to make 2 characters and save them but no actual online play, I think the fact rockstar made so many sales and so much money and to still have an online down time of over 12 hours is ridiculous, They should have gone overboard with servers and preparation and then adjusted it and closed un-needed servers as necessary from there! Fuck sake rockstar!
  11. Thought there was going to be a theme? Yano, Like a christmas car
  12. Just started a Crew... CymruDaisyLovers.. Generally aimed at welsh people, although we will be speaking english on PS3. It is full of seasoned GTA players with no diarrhea mouthed 12yr olds. With our 2 members shit is going to get fucked up, the IGN crew better watch their back!! Haha what am I kiddin join if you want, who gives a fuck
  13. No fair point, i was thinking along the lines of a side track to making money whilst doing other things, getting ready for work, tidying the house etc, but thats fine by me, surely there must be a safety net to stop people betting huge amounts of coin on the opposition and loosing on purpose though
  14. So the betting side of things, do you watch the match? like from a birds eye view or something, care to elaborate?
  15. TreeFitty, when you say you have alot of time saving to purchase a property, I presume there are multiple choices of property that vary in price?.. Also ways to make money, what methods did you see all together?.. same as Single player?