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  1. We all make plans for what we do, but we all know we'll get side-tracked by something
  2. Looking at the cheats for the PS3, they seem suspiciously similar to the GTA:SA cheats? As in identical, I also don't see why they would go back to the old school button combos when the phone set up from GTAIV worked so well and meant the cheats were the same across multiple platforms
  3. I'm finding a Futo or Futo GT and customising it and going for a joyride
  4. I like the idea of turbulence, can see it coming in to play really well in air races, you're fighting for first place and suddenly you and the plane in front hit a patch of turbulence, your controller starts to shake like an epileptic at a disco and you desperately fight for control and claw your way back into the air breathing a sigh of relief, only to look over and see the other plane spiral down into the ground and explode.....
  5. I've said it before and it's been discussed at length previously, but I still think Rock* will do a DLC from the point of view of a cop, either trying to bring Michael, Franklin & Trevor down or working with them.
  6. I'd love either an abandoned bomb/fallout shelter or a cave, somewhere completely off the grid that I can stock with weaponry and my tricked out but beat up looking truck, and the idea of an old huey type chopper appeals to me
  7. real sweet imo Shotguns too, altho I'm certain that if you were to fire an RPG from a car you'd just die as the backblast would blow the car up
  8. SMG category could be represented by the "Carbine Rifle" as a carbine is a shortened rifle adapted for manoeuvrability, it seems logical to me that you could have one of those OR a true SMG like an MP-5 or Vector
  9. As a one off it might work, otherwise it'd get real old really quickly
  10. I'm going to concentrate on making Trevor look more respectable, get him a nice house, a nice car, a new haircut..... think the main character from American Psycho
  11. Am I right in thinking mountain lions live and kill in the hills around real life LA? So it would be a given that they'd be in the game. And what about bears? Many bears in Southern California?
  12. Mainly I'm looking forward to taking chop to the park and siccing him on people doing yoga or playing Frisbee
  13. Rockstar has stated they took a lot of inspiration form the film Heat, and I recall seeing a casting call asking for an FBI/FIB agent, so a DLC from a cops point of view wouldn't be a massive surprise, albeit a cop with serious authority issues and a penchant for shooting the place up.
  14. Driving in the rain in GTA lV felt like you were driving on ice. Yes to lightning actually striking things in the environment. But it would be even better if your character could be struck by lightning while on-foot or in a vehicle as well. Plus maybe you could improve your chances of this rare event occurring ( it could even be part of an Easter Egg ), like say playing golf on the highest point of the golf course during a Lightning Storm ( could be the 18th hole on a big hill/ after being struck you could either die or be energised from the power of the lightning, making you temporarily invincible ). Or if you're in an aircraft you could literally fly into a thunderstorm's clouds, and within a couple of seconds get struck by lightning, which would then either send you out of control, or instantly disintegrate/ blow up your aircraft with you inside it. That would be good, think there was/is an island in Just Cause 2 that if you flew over it a lightning strike caused your plane to catch fire and dive out of control. But it depends on how realistic they make the game as in reality a lightning strike on a plane would have very little effect
  15. Just this: (car based flamethrower) Handy for those occasions when the police have somehow managed to get too close
  16. Who wants to get away? I wanna shoot it out! And for the police in game to react more realistically, as in if I've shot down a helicopter I don't expect them to respond to that by sending TWO helicopters!
  17. Playing as Trevor and watching and following drug addicts so I can find their dealer and rob them would be cool. also seeing how peds react to acts of violence, some will run, some would attempt to tackle me
  18. Not sure what the concealed carry laws are like in real life SoCal, but random peds drawing down and intervening in my continuous rampages would be cool
  19. I'd love to see plainclothes cops, as well as police raids. Houses catching fire and the fire department arriving and putting it out, along with all the associated drama of people screaming and being upset, car crashes would be good, just random horrific pile ups and hit and runs. It would be good to just walk into a store or bank as it was being raided and have to decide whether or not to pull your own gun and be a hero or to comply
  20. I can just imagine using a sniper rifle to score a headshot on a train driver as he approaches a bend.... then just watch the fire and hear the screams............
  21. I'm hoping we'll get something like the Starstreak HVM as used by the British army, it uses 3 dart like missilles and they cant be deceived by flares.... and it looks cool as fuck
  22. I'm sure I read somewhere that you'll have to make choices regarding what weapons to take on a heist mission, so I can see the weapons attribute thing being in place, I'd imagine a shotgun for crowd control, light machine gun for suppressive fire and an assault rifle for a bit of mid ground between the two
  23. agreed maybe even listen to the music Pretty sure an early article said that the Beach Boys cover of California Dreamin' was in