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Post your Snapmatic photos

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Now for some pics now that my camera is reguarly working now.

Trevor on a trek up Mt Chiliad. Killing and chilling


Trevor's pickup spawned on top of another car


Always discovering new scenery.



Michael's new ride. Emperor Habanero, which handles a lot like a Blista Compact. This will be about my 7th attempt at keeping a modified car for more than a day.


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can someone tell me how to delete photos

did the hunting mission,. had to take a pic of the elk for cletus. didnt know i had to kill it first lol. got 3 retarded pictures of that retarded elk

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Awww yeah


Even better from the front


Found her with the alien hippy freaks


Funny story. In the mission before this pic was taken, Trevor had the bald hairstyle. After it finished, he had grown hair on the back and sides. I really like it like this.

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finally got this to work

i was happy to find this, quickly nicked it and shoved it into the house garage


used this to get the acheivment for modding a car, spent about 75K on it, and will be pimping it out more as parts unlock, love this car, so much fun to drive


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