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  1. my online cars Sultan Sabre Turbo Comet Pheonix Youga rebel i'm going to be replacing the rebel as i never use it, not sure what yet though
  2. i just replaced the fuiclade (crossfire) with a canis bodi, aka trevor's truck
  3. my cars in gta online Futo and Rebel the Phoenix and Fucilade Sabre and Sultan
  4. you don't have to beat anyone, all you need to do it get a scorc of par or under. its tennis you need to win a game of to get 100%
  5. the radio is annoying, tends to always put on a radio i don't like but its a quick thing to fix, be nice if i didn't have to do it at all but meh
  6. piss was still going up when i played it yesterday. my investment of around $16mil with franklin has become just over $141mil in the 2 weeks i've had it in there as of yesterday night. not checked it today yet but i plan on getting alittle over $160mil if i can before selling it and buying the golf club. micheal and trevour have investments on it but i bought in rather late so not got much increase, hoping micheals will become enough to buy the 2 remaining cinemas.
  7. it pays out for all the cars destroyed in the week, i.e. if you get a rhino and got on a rampage you will be getting $150 for every car you shoot. what isn't clear is that it has a cap, once you blow up 34 cars you get nothing more, its capped at getting $5,000 a week.
  8. I believe that is the Schyster Fusilade. thats the one, fairly decent motor but i got no issue changing it if i get bored
  9. karin rebel deglasse sabre turbo karin sultan karin futo elegy and the one that looks like the Chrysler crossfire. don't have the 10 car garage yet so the remaining 4 places are pending, and the above are likely to change at any moment, don't really want the elegy cause so many have one
  10. had a bulldozer spawn in gtao crushed a car then another had fun with a dudes personal car aswell before realizing in my fun i totaly forgot it was my own rebel i was destroying lol
  11. my online character, Annabelle, in the garage of her 87k apartment. with her declasse sabre turbo in metalic blue and frost white, modded it quite abit and love the powersliding fun of it. also her "new" karin rebel, which has not been modded yet, although parking it in the desert and watching someone drive off in it think they finally found one for their own never gets old. great fun to be able to just drive to a target as the crow flies though, may not be fast but the time you save driving back and forth up and down a hill makes up for it
  12. elegy was worth fuck all for me, even after putting in the cash to mod it (replaced it with a karin rebel)
  13. been able to find jets since rank 5, either he is a very low rank or he has some really bad luck He doesn't have an internet connection at his flat (i know right? and the twat works as an virgin media engineer too!) so he was only a low rank yes, probably 3 or 4. I was rank 9 at the time. So you're probably right, it's probably about rank 5ish by the time they start showing up. well my bro had to have me around for the first plane to start spawning, which continued until he hit rank 12 and it spawned for him without me (both our flying skills are about the same)
  14. at one point all i could find was them things, so i got one for myself, i have a tracker and insurance on it, kept everything else standard and plan on doing abit of trolling by parking it up (as no one will tell someone owns it) wait for someone who wants one to find it, let them take it, then piss them off asking why they took my truck, simple but funny. been able to find jets since rank 5, either he is a very low rank or he has some really bad luck
  15. Hmm thats make sense. I watched TV in my apartment and saw one helicopter with a machine gun spawning near a guy running from the police. I am going to LS. airport and I only see the great stationary planes and Mavericks, I am in rank 16. got to the far side near the closed hangers or the sandy shores airfield, you should be able to find the mammatus i mentioned above, i'm now rank 15 but not looks to see if i find anything else yet