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  1. Dunno if It's been said already, but this topic is so long, that I'm not going to check. So here goes! I hope that you can use your iFruit phone like an iPod. Just plug in them earphones, and you don't have to miss out on those - always brilliant - radio stations, whilst riding your mountain bike! Also, if the above was the case, how awesome would it be to able to read your own music to that device? I mean, you could be stabbing someone to the theme of Psycho, or listen to the soundtrack from Matrix while being in bullet-time with Michael.
  2. I'm gonna get real high and shit. And then I'mma jump on one of them mountain-bikes! Turn on my Ipod, (oh it's going to happen, trust me!) and tune in to 420fm. Then I'm gonna start descending Mount Mothafuckah! All whilst racing the trail of burning gasoline alongside me, till the stunt jump at the foot of the mountain and fly over the explosion!!
  3. Possible Beach Volley mini game in the planebeach pic? And I hope that yacht is rideable
  4. You know who's got hands? The Devil. And He uses them, for holding!

  5. You know who's got hands? The Devil. And He uses them, for holding!

  6. Feels much more like a trailer for a movie, than a game. Awesome! Btw, the car going out of the plane is epic!
  7. The pic where Trevor has just finished someone off - Is it the weed, or does anyone else see what resembles a castle in the background?
  8. Could be cool, if the game ended in a mexican standoff between the three. And in the last second, you choose one of them to shoot the others. If that was three alt endings, that would suck lol Unless there was more to it of course. Yeah I didn't really think it through.. I just think mexican standoffs are cool, and would like to experience them in a rockstar game. *Waits impatiently for the possibility of it happening in Red Dead 3...*