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  1. Probs already been said but Franklin's haircuts were a joke...
  2. I dont know if anyone else has realised this but i think the website will be updated again on the 3rd. I believe this will happen because the first update of the gta5 website was on the 13/08, then the second update was on the 23/08 and so i think they are releasing another 3 or the rest later. Could be wrong but i think i see a pattern o.0
  3. *Sorry if already found* I think i have found a clue about a possible mission/heist of the military base/prison (below is what i am talking about) See on the notice board next to the title of the "To Do List" there is a picture/sketch of what appears to be the prison/military base. Here it is below.
  4. At 0:21 in Franklin's trailer you can see him and Lamar walking out of what you would assume to be Franklin's safe house (possibly) now im not sure if this is right but it appears to be the same house as we saw in trailer 1 with the for sale sign. What do you think?
  5. I don't think that's Johnny, but I've always thought that the girl in that scene could be Ashley. Also, R* has said that protagonists and other important characters from gta 4 won't return in gta 5.
  6. This is the only picture i could find although its kinda hard to tell, i think it's franklin
  7. No, if you pause at the right moment you can see Franklin in the front behind the wheel