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Found 4 results

  1. I was waiting for someone else to start this but I guess I have to... Imo The Amazing Spider-Man was a good movie but there's nothing really Amazing about it. Andrew Garfield did a great job as Peter Parker and Emma stone was a great Gwen Stacey. Their chemistry completely trumps Maguire and Dunst. The only problem I had with the Parker - Stacey stuff was the kissing scenes. I felt like they were trying to push this whole romance angle that got kinda stupid. The first kiss was good but then came the next one then the next one and each of those kisses all seemed to try to top the upside down kiss from Spider-Man 1. It was as if Web just told Stone and Garfield "Never have a normal kiss, each time you kiss, it has to be THAT one special kiss" (wich made none of them "that one special kiss") Another con was the transition from Peter Parker to Spider-Man. I loved how they had him just where the mask at first while he was searching for his uncles killer but I hated how he got the costume. It all seemed a bit messy compared to the originals. I didn't really like the way he reacted in the train scene when he discovers his powers, he seemed way to calm and collected, I felt he should've acted way more cofused. The bathroom scene was nice but all I could think was X-Men Origins: Wolverine at that point. There seemed to be no learning curve it was just Peter Parker - Spiderbite - BOOM - Spider-Man He never really seemed to learn anything he just knew it all as soon as he got bitten. The way they handled Uncle Ben's death was good but they never really did anything with it after Connors became the lizard. At first Peter starts hunting down his Uncle's killer but then stops for no good reason, he just forgets all about his uncle. They started a whole lot of shit in the first half of the film and droped half of it in the second half. They promised to tell the Untold origin story of Spider-Man but they never really did. That is not cool. Tobey Vs Andrew Tobey was better at acting out the fighting scenes with the grunts, "woohoos", screams etc. and he is. Garfield was better at being Peter Parker when it came to acting and personality. Garfield just didn't do aswell as Tobey did when it came to acting out the Spider-Man shit. Like when he falls in Spider-Man 2 because he starts to lose his powers. Tobey's scream was epic. Basicly, If I needed someone to do voiceover work for Spider-Man and had to choose between Andrew and Tobey; I'd choose Tobey. However, If I was choosing between the two for a movie trilogy. Andrew is the guy. He just needs to improve his acting when it comes to action scenes. Kristin Dunst vs Emma Stone: Emma Stone. Need I explain why? No? I thought so. Lizard vs Goblin: (I'm reviewing the characters because it seems more appropriate) The Goblin was done really well in the originals. Everytime I saw Goblin I always thout "that guy is evil! " and never once thought "that's Norman Osborn", wich does alot for the split persona thing they were going for. Unfortunatly The Lizard character was going for the same thing and in my opinion, wasn't as well achieved. I felt the Lizard never really did anything to make him seem like a real villain. Wether that's good or bad is a point of view. Nor did I ever forget the Lizard was Connors. However, I felt the Lizard was the perfect choice to play Spider-Man's first villain and he felt like a first villain (weaker, easier to defeat) I would've enjoyed the inclusion of his wife and child but no harm in keeping them out. I enjoyed this movie but I would've preferred Spider-Man 4 followed by an Ultimate Spider-Man. This movie lacked GOOD action scenes, sexy CGI Spider-Man swinging, an awesome soundtrack, originality and good pace, gut it is still a fun Movie worth seeing. Is it better than the original? In some ways yes, like the drama, the drama is second to one (TDK:p), in other ways no. I won't compare The Amazing Spider-Man to Spider-Man 2 because Spider-Man 2 wins every time, but do to the fact that Spider-Man 2 wasn't burdened with origin stories; it's an unfair comparison. I will compare Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 though. If they get a way better soundtrack, awesome fight scenes like the train fight scene from Spider-Man 2, better Spider-Man acting out of Garfield and a deeper villain; they should have no problem topping Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man 3 was/is shit. I give The Amazing Spider-Man 7.5/10 Good Movie but just that a good movie. What's your opinion on The Amazing Spider-Man? Do you agree or disagree with my opinions? Let me know why (as if I have to ask..) Sorry about the linebreaks. Technical difficulties.
  2. Movies in general. What are your favorite movies, actors and directors?My favorites in no particular order: Movies Gran Torino One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Scarface (1980s) Natural Born Killers The Hangover Green Mile Actors Jack Nicholson Denzel Washington Bill Murray Robert De Niro (before bullshit romantic comedies) Al Pacino Clint Eastwood Directors Quentin Tarantino Brian De Palma
  3. I just watched this film on the Vice youtube channel. Basically it's three films, roughly around 45 minutes each with each directors take on the 'fourth dimension'. The films are linked in small ways too. It's an extremely weird set of films so if you do watch it, go into it with an open mind and just try to enjoy it I guess. I've just finished and my brain is jumping all over the place trying to piece it all together, but I like films like that The first of the short films is directed by Harmony Korine and even stars Val Kilmer (one of the weirdest) The first film is actually the weakest of the three in my opinion so don't just give up if you aren't enjoying it, the second two get so much better (my opinion, anyway) I think it was only released a few weeks ago, but yeah...if you do decide to check it out leave a comment letting me know what you thought! Little bit of info about the film ''The début release by Grolsch Film Works and VICE Films brings together an immersive trilogy by Harmony Korine, Alexsei Fedorchenko and Jan Kwiecinski. The three filmmakers have created three unique stories that offer up their vision of this higher plane of existence, the Fourth Dimension. Each filmmaker takes his character on a journey that changes the way they see the world and themselves. And each filmmaker will offer a different perspective on what the Fourth Dimension is.''
  4. Im aware some of you have seen or are planning to see The Avengers. What is your review of the film? I loved it. Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston?, RD.Jr and Samuel L. Jackson stole the show. I wish that Thor got more time but he got enough. I really enjoyed the scene about 45mins into the Movie when IronMan fights Thor and Thor fights Cptn. America. It made them all seem equal and that they were all capable of kicking eachothers ass, plus it was just an awesome fight scene. When Thor said "Listen here, brother-" and IronMan speared the shit outa him then Loki said "I'm listening" I was . I enjoyed the ending where Cptn. America and Black Widow are fighting as A team, Hulk and Thor aswell, and IronMan with Hawk. It was that moment when they really felt like The Advengers. The humor in this movie is tremendously done well also. The Avengers is A must see. 9.8/10 Excellent Movie The Dark Knight is still the King though.