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  1. You guys probably already seen this but check out the awesome A.I in GTA 4.
  2. man I wouldn't even care if they put the san andreas soundtrack in the V. It was the best imo
  3. Well I got my pc up and running! My first build was a success and runs games greatly. I can run bf3 high at 60 fps. On Ultra it's somewhere around 30-40fps inside and once I look at a far distance it's at 8fps lol. Still a great machine and probably won't have to upgrade for a while to play the latest games. I do have a question about SSD's though. I am deciding to get once and need some guidance on putting windows 7 on the SSD. The thing is I already downloaded some programs on my current hard drive and it surpasses the memory I plan to get on the SSD (128GB). I know there's a couple options like cloning the hard drive or just reinstalling windows all together on the SSD. I wouldn't know much about doing either of those options I was wondering if anyone did move their win7 to an SSD and if they could help out a bit.
  4. Installing win7 on a brand new custom pc
  5. Thanks for the info. Noise doesn't really bother me when comign from a pc. Mostly because I have headphones on. The HAF 912 is at a good price and has great cable management. So airflow should be great. [Removed]
  6. Well I did a few more builds, and this is the one I may just have to get. I've been to my local computer shops and got a few recommended items on this list. Tell me what you guys think. AMD FX-4100 (yeah I know you guys avoid this cpu but it works for the budget) ASUS M5A97 Motherboard MSI Cyclone 6850 (reason I'm going with this is it's at a really great deal for 129.99/it's OC/and reviews says its really quiet) G. Skill 8GB 1600 SILVERSTONE Strider Essential series ST60F-ES 600W Power Supply HAF 912 Computer Case Caviar Blue 500GB 7200rpm.
  7. Bring back explosive gas tanks and more car modding options than GTA SA and I'd be happy definitely need hydraulics and nitro too
  8. Those screens are looking pretty good Sucks Rockstar said there won't be a new trailer or screenshot for a while yet.. I do kind of agree with their point about leaving surprises until you play the game. It just makes the game that much more enjoyable once you play it. So although lots of people are furious at the lack of GTA 5 news they should keep in mind rockstar doesn't want fans to know too much before the game even comes out.
  9. Seeing these kind of physics in a GTA game would be pretty awesome, but at the same time I think of how difficult it'd be to maintain the car. I personally want to play a fun GTA game than a simulation. All this talk about having the option to do so seems really impractical. For someone to put this in as a mod would be awesome. I don't think consoles could even render this if it were an option lol.
  10. Well I assume that if R* is to be at gamescom... and the trailer reveals a GTA 5 snippet. It's more likely GTA 5 would be at gamescom than GTA 5 being at E3 (which it wasn't)
  11. I couldn't find any proof of this yet I want to believe that they are going as do millions as well. Odd thing I've seen though is when you try to search Rockstar in the exhibitors search on the gamescom website, Take Two shows up. So it may be possible Rockstar may just be with the Take Two booth
  12. I'm sure most of you have seen this already but the GTA 5 was in the Gamescom trailer and T2 and possibly Rockstar may be there at gamescom 2012! GTA 5 shown at 1:49 Now we wait and see if the release date, trailer or other info will be released!
  13. I for one am hoping for a 2012 release. I got Max Payne 3 Pre-Order Deal that ensures $20 off GTA V when it comes out. Read the fine print and it said offer expires Feb 2013 :/
  14. Yeah I did some more research and for the same price of a fx 4100 I could get the phenom II X4 965 which everyone says if far superior for gaming