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  1. There is nothing "unrealistic" about firefighter/ambulance missions. You character could be a volunteer. And yeah I remember I could never find those blue gang pickups if I wasn't on a fire mission.
  2. what? Fire truck with operational ladder. I mentioned it in the first post.
  3. I would definitely like to see more areas where you can save your vehicles, maybe even a helipad at one of your safehouses. And I like the idea of being able to go to a dealership and purchase or special order a vehicle, because some of those vehicles (infernus) were impossible to find in GTA IV, especially if you lost the one you were given. I would also like to see custom shops like in GTA SA What I would like to see. Quad (sport and utility) Monster Truck More Pick-up variety golf cart Construction vehicles (bulldozer, payloader, steamroller) Combine harvester New model cars and Classics Planes (pontoon, leer jet, 747, cargo) Helicopters (Maverick, police maverick, news maverick, pontoon, skycrane) Military planes (C-130, fighter jet) Military Helos (Apache, blackhawk, little bird, stallion, chinook, huey) Be able to put cars in bigger helicopters and planes for transport. Larger variety of police vehicles. (Marked, unmarked, cars, suv, pick-up, bus, quad, motorcycle) SWAT vehicles (SWAT truck, armored truck w/water cannon, SWAT command truck, ESU style truck) Military vehicles (Humvee, tank, apc w/explosive cannon, transport truck, dune buggy) Variety of fire trucks (Engine, Ladder truck w/ operable ladder, heavy rescue, cheif suburban) Variety of ambulance (van base, truck base, heavy duty, Medical helicopter) Emergency boats (Police, Fireboat, tow boat, rescue boat, Military Mark V w/guns, aircraft carrier?) Odd vehicles (segway, pogo, bicycle, canoe/kayak, etc.) Horse? RDR
  4. The only time I really saw cops chasing people is if I made them, there was the occasional foot chase, but think back to GTA SA where there was police chases all the time. And no military means no tanks or fighters or apache's or any of that. They don't need to come after you, just need to have a base with all of the stuff. And a bunker with guns. Lots of guns.
  5. One of the things that really disappointed me with GTA IV was the whole emergency services thing. I missed the special missions when you were in the fire truck or ambulance. And on top of that the FD doesn't even do anything anymore? I am not saying I want to see these super elaborate operations going on but I would like to see them doing something productive. I would also like to see the cops chasing people like in GTA VC and SA when they are in the cars and on foot. It was nice to see them showing attention to someone other than me. Speeding, red lights, MVA's and stuff. I don't wanna feel like I have to keep the cops busy, they should do other stuff too. I also wanted to see a fire truck with a working ladder. It would come in handy when you want to get up on buildings, and lets face it how cool would it be to put the bucket straight up and have a mobile sniper tower! I actually think there needs to be a much bigger variety of fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles, SWAT vehicles, and of course military vehicles. (In the game not just online)
  6. These are all great ideas. I just want to see something more like GTA SA or VC where you can purchase a major variety of safehouses. Not like GTA 4 where you were randomly handed safehouses. Something with a big garage is definitely a good idea.