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  1. This would be stupid I hate the old time cop shit the did tht with la noire and it was stupid they need to make it present day
  2. Better police cars like mustangs and laborginies And chargers not the regular impalas
  3. they should be realistic cause that was just boring
  4. I really want to see k-9 unit I think that would be really cool espically if u could be a cop on the side but I want to be pulled over not automatically arrested
  5. The should make it similar to the one in midnight club la
  6. Yes that would be cool jump out a plane and fly
  7. I hope the fix the disappearing of cars but cause that was stupid I hated when that happend espically when I was in multiplayer in Iv but I hope they make cooler looking police cars and stuff where u can change the lights like a real police car not just the basic sirens
  8. Already said it kinda was but not really
  9. I know I wanted to see what people would come up with they could have really cool ideas i said u could do all that to and people have diffrent opinions
  10. Do you want jobs I gta v to become like a police officer,fireman,paramedic,work at a restaurant, ect. And if you do what job would you take
  11. I think that would be really stupid cause u don't want to get a brand new car that u really like and accidentally crash and its totaled the would piss me off to the max
  12. I guess it would be ok if u had like a red dot or something but i would not use it a lot in less it was really good but it would be cool to have some kind of gun attachments
  13. I know I'm saying as like a side mission you can be a cop I don't want it to be based on the whole story that would be stupid I still want the crime I just want a chance to be a good guy to Why wouldn't we? R* hit the nail firmly on the head with the mission structure and variety of missions found in Red Dead. If they can carry that over into GTAV, they'll be guaranteed a sure-fire hit. I wouldn't say that got it exactly right. I actually gave up playing RDR at one point because it took so long to get into it. I appreciate they have to help the learning curve, but they didn't have to put in a tutorial mission for every little feature. I think this was a complaint with SA and GTA IV too. It took SO LONG to get into the actual story and decent missions where you start killing townfolk that the game was downright boring for the first 3/4 hours, though it was probably worse in RDR thanks to the slow-as-fuck travelling in a monotonous landscape. If there's one thing Rockstar doesn't take from RDR, it should be that. I agree. GTA V should be for the veterans.. I feel like, if you're not into GTA, or any other game, by the 5th one down the line, then you're not gonna be into it. The story should take a long time, and be intense as fuck all the way through, not impossible, but intense. and definitely DEFINITELY keep the parachutes.. especially if theres gonna be planes and helicopters.. I like the bicycle concept, it would be cool for those skateparks they tend to put in the games. But i think there should be more controls for the cars, for example, i know that they have the brights if you hold down X (xbox), and you can turn your car completely off by holding Y, but blinkers would be cool instead of two handbrakes.. or emergency lights.. also i liked the aspect of an earlier gta where you could be in the car first person mode and look left and right at the people in your car. I realize this is an older thread and R* probably wont read this.. but damn, GTA is so epic, i really like how in-depth the game goes. For example, you can dial 911 on the cell phone in the game and request a paramedic, police car, or firetruck! one thing i definitely forgot was MORE ENTERABLE BUILDINGS with awesome escape routes! especially in multiplayer! My friends and i love causing a bunch of mayhem then running into a building, going up the stairs, then climbing out the window, hopping roofs until u can get to a ladder that will take u high enough to parachute away and get into a getaway car then wait til it catches on fire and do it all over again! but there needs to be many more rooms and buildings to enter and things to do in multiplayer FREE MODE and in main game. Yeah... not F*****g around when it comes to this game.. haha. but anyway.. who agrees with me? disagrees? lets talk about the most epic GTA game ever then maybe R* will read this thread and do it! haha and thats a cool idea! I think they should keep all the cars from single play and not shorten it I thaught that was stupid And co-op play would be cool to
  14. I want to be able to become a police office I think that would be really cool to call in choppers and swat teams and a k-9 unit would be cool to