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  1. AMC is going to fuck up the show before Carl ever does. It seems to be picking up though. I hope Daryl kicks more ass.
  2. Are you getting the box set? I'm too fucking poor to get it but I hear its got bonus material from all 4 albums.
  3. Dev's new album Deconstruction leaked not too long ago. What an crazy fucking album. Not to mention it's got a fuckload of people from other top metal bands like Cynic ,Meshuggah, and even Mikael from Opeth.
  4. Pachter is like the weather man of videogames: Makes predictions that come true in some vague sense but mostly he's full of shit. Thompson, on the other hand, is just full of shit. Wow, this is getting nostalgic as fuck for me.
  5. Wow, he's still relevant? The fucking fringe idiot slipped off everyone's radar around the time he lost his license. I remember back in the day when GP would run Jack articles like 3 times a day. It was a weird symbiotic relationship they had.
  6. Don't listen to this guy. He is me. I am his Tyler Durden to his Edward Norton.
  7. I'm psyched for Devin Townsend's new albums. Supposedly coming out this June.
  8. You remember that dude from 2004 who would ban you because you put swastikas in your signature? Well, that wasn't me. I am however the insanely cryptic man-thing you know as Pyrocy or, in some European markets, PyroHazard. In 1987, a meteor crash landed 32 miles from Mesa, Arizona. Inside it was a slug-like creature that fed on various wildlife and nearby neighborhood infants. Wait, that wasn't me either... In all seriousness, I was #2 on past Psymon-created sites and was responsible for the aesthetics which may or may not be offensive to you. *Dashes back into the shadows, never to be seen again*