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  1. was up till almost 4am lookin up and trying shit. even unlinked the account and transfer. nope fuck this game. it's been deleted, along with pretty much everything else to do with it i'll see you all in another game
  2. yep. the arms are back. no way to get around it. done. maybe 'll free up some hard drive space now.
  3. did that. even my social club pic is the reset model. fuckers.
  4. had issues with my no arms character model resetting. spawning in with arms, black t shirt and sweat pants!!!!!!!! FUCK! i dunno. when i goto choose character, i'm there without arms, green tanktop, and heart shorts. and the culprit i think, the reindeer mask... FUUUUUCK! pretty demoralized right now....don't even wanna load it up again. so maybe...
  5. wish the snow would just randomly show up now and then thru the winter months... some pics from yesterday with Jason & Casey.
  6. Party @ Bones' place BMX crashing the party random
  7. some subs... ppl and subs...in a lobby with Dio, Bones Jason and Casey... Bones and Casey Bones got into the face paint and walked outta my bedroom lookin like this Da-Da-Da-Dio!.....as Wilbur that instant before death.... my Blade
  8. that does look pissier than it was meant. lol just be better to have those job only vids in the custom job 'supermarket' threads is all. much rather see the vid of the job than just the picture there anyway. =-p
  9. some pics... Dupz gettin ready for the nite... more with Dupz the street vendor out of focus explosion...tree 'lighting' ceremony. The crew hanging out at the tree what!? wait.... more me... heh! some meh
  10. mine and killyou's jesters aaaaannnd... it's da...da...da...DIo!....er no wait...Wilbur!
  11. last vid of the crew nite for me. with kill doin flips. good times http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpXfP6fNPBA
  12. thx for posting that for me Bones. self inflicted lack of sleep...lol i had about 10ish vids from the night saved. I've gone thru about 5...i think... anyway, here's a mash up of the first 30 mins right after coming out of playlist 1.... ya know...typical iGTA stuff... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dduWFkWF01Q&list=UU6loRbUIGiJH3IxN2h5dj0A also. the 1 picture i got of the nite yay