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  1. Rio would be good. Nice parts of the city plus the slums and of course the giant statue of Jeebus and mountains in the background.
  2. So it was you who took that. The app said I had it, receipt and everything, then it went belly up, and when I went to check it again later, it said someone else had already taken it. Bloody glitches. I had to settle for H4ndsome, although I wish I'd gone for just HBW now. I'm sorry! >.< Had to do it, though. But, hey, you should add me if you have xbox live. We can be two handsome mofo's tearin' shit up!
  3. Mine is simply "Handsome." -I downloaded the iFruit app as soon as it came out to snag this tag.-
  4. Well, that was fast! Thank you!
  5. Does anyone know how much each card costs in US Dollars ($)? Also, does anyone know when we will be able to buy these GTA Dollars? Thanks!
  6. I think you're talking about GTA III my friend... No I'm taking about GTA2. Overhead view. Shitty graphics. But awesome gameplay for its time.
  7. I thought the car collecting was fun; especially for the super rare cars. Downside to this was whenever you actually found the rare car and started driving it you started seeing the car literally EVERYWHERE.
  8. Haha, I'm new here! But my gamer tag is "Handsome," so I named myself on here accordingly.
  9. I still hope there is matchmaking, or some form of it.
  10. It's in V aswell, you just have to run or jump into them now. Yea, but it's nowhere near as fun as it was in IV. It also made the game see more real than just walking into a person that doesn't move...unless it's to pull out the phone and call the cops on you.
  11. Not being able to walk into people and make them fall down stairs, cliffsides, etc. That feature was in GTA IV and RDR, so I don't understand why they decided to take it out in GTA V . .
  12. Why am I the only person that voted for GTA2? That game was incredible, and it paved the way for the current GTA's we now know and love.