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  1. What if the antagonist is gonna blow up the city for some reason- via - nuke - but you in the final mission like shoot down his plane or sink his ship and he dies and the nukes are on the bottom of the ocean. LOL what if you could have it as a special easter egg, where you get a submarine or infinite breath and you can go down and see them there. :D
  2. I wish like you could be killing cops and you shoot one in the knee and he crawls away, but you get to him and he says " please dont kill me i have a wife and kids, here let me live and take this money." you could take the money and go or kill him. Lol i would take the money then kill him.
  3. : swat truck that comes with water cannon : bulldozer : dump truck : RV/ camper : air craft carrier : tank : fuel truck : mail truck : police/ emergency vehicals : hazmat/ clean up truck : zomboni : fire boat/ tug boat : oil tanker/. Lol. BP. Lol. GREEN PIECE :lol FREE WILEY Sorry off topic lol lost train of fought Ohh TRAINS
  4. I dont think PEETA will care about IMAGINARY animals in a game, they care about REAL LIFE ANIMALS.
  5. Lol i fought he was gonna hit a skier but if this is in GTA dont add the pointy edges because ill hit one and die
  6. Skunks that spray you and make u stink wich people run from u lol could be a minigame Skunks that spray you and make u stink wich people run from u lol could be a minigame
  7. I loved how in GTA IV you could choose to let some one live or die and sometimes you got there house if you killed them. I also liked the options for things in SRTT, how you could choose the weapon or money reward. This would really improve and show some acomplishment in GTA V.
  8. Show me where one of those exists and I will force everyone to agree with you. Lol im just uses POSSIBLE mixs to get this but mix the big crane from the movie TERMINATOR 3 and the TRANSFORMERBARRACIDE. and you get a perfect combination. Oh and there was once this crazy guy who in CALIFORNIA, put 6 inch fick concret on a boldozer and killed people through window slights with 4 LMGS. SORRY BUT NOT SURE HOW TO POST A PICTURE.
  9. I think the millitary should have an armored wrecking ball crane that hits your car and flips it through the air like 4 times and it trys to crush the car and has turrents on the sides. But you can steal it and destroy like all the cars. I know its off topic but the air port should not be automatic 4 stars like in GTA IV, mabey army base could be auto 6 stars.
  10. I would love to have police swat/riot water cannon truck that fits alot of people and has a water cannon. The most pointless vehical in GTA history was the TUGBOAT in GTA IV, but lol i loved it and want to see it in GTA V but faster.
  11. i was playing GTA IV today and they made up date for this because i killed many people and cops in dark allys and i got no stars.
  12. OMG what if we had parrots in the game . lol ok think this, what if you could hav the parrot fly into a race horse track or some betting place or casino or something and it ethier hears the numbers or the horse gona win if its fixed and it could fly back an tell you what it heard so you could place a good bet. THAT LOOKS LIKE FUN !!!!!!!!!
  13. Why like in GTA IV did they not show anything when you fucked a stripper, the car shook and dhe moaned but nothing else. GOD if there gonna have strippers they should atleast show her BREAST.
  14. that would be cool and mabey if PACKIE from GTA IV is in the new game he can bring some of his irish family and have a irish mob
  15. I know its a small but very helpfull detail, the police computers, i liked how you could stop crime and do target searches on people. It also was good to call backup in, wether you wanted to kill the cops or for them to really help. It would be good to have in GTA V but mabey upgraded with more features.
  16. What if there was a guy that owned an internet cafe ( like in GTA IV.) but what if he hated some of the coustumers because the place used to be a family place but now all the people use the place to watch porn. YOULL HAVE TO BEAT ALL OF THE PORN ADDICTS UP.
  17. The nuclear base could be a super secret area 51 base, easter egg. You go in and walk in the radioactive reacter and you could come out LOOKING LIKE A ZOMBIE.
  18. Zombies Car cheats Riot/ wars Flying vehicals Jetpack Flying SHARKS YESOk if theres is dogs or animals mabey there could be a cheat were they go fucking rabid cujo and start eating random people
  19. I would not like fat or muscle i would never work out and eat alot and become very fat. Lol in real life im not fat though. But i would hate to have broken bones, imagine your running and trip on a beer bottle and break your legs falling down 4 flights of stairs and you have to crawl to the hospital because nobody calls 9-11. But i liked in GTA IV how you ran people over and the blood stianed the car.
  20. I was thinking if some of the map was surrondind country sides it would be some desert right? Well mabey like in GTA SA remember the desert army base well WHAT IF THERE was a parody of ROSWELL or a nuclear test site / army base and it was full of weapons/ vehicals/guards/lab workers. ALIEN EASTER EGG
  21. I would like Packies whole family as a game or a TV show, mabey called the- micrearys or life of a micreary. Sorry couldent spell his last name Please edit/ fix
  22. I know it would never be in this game but mabey could they put a creature that eats people and is butt ugly. Mabey like the creature in the movie AVP or THE THING