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  1. he is the cool guy who always wants to go street racing and he has you get the chop shop cars for him
  2. I would love to have pets in GTA5. I mean any pet would do, but please add dogs because they could play a part in a mission or too. Mabey a dog has a really expensive collar around his neck and you have to steal it. I just remembered they should have it when your in a heliocopter you can lose your wings or tail. Lol i loved in GTA 4 you could lose heliocopter parts. I would fly for hours with no tail and go in circles trying to stay in the air.
  3. OMG its going to be another hindinberg in los santos lol im not going near the blimps/ zepplins. SAFTEY FIRST
  4. The one person or song that would kill GTA V is JUSTIN BEBIER. I dont hate him but he is just every where to much, his taking over america, dont let him take over GTA V, in song wise.
  5. I personally think these are good GTA characters : Niko belic : Packie magreary : Brucie P : Carl johnson : Sweet H Mabey the old guy from the trailer is your boss and he tells you to pop a cherry or kill some one to be part of the gang and you kill CJ or Niko and there head of a rival gang. This way some how you could put in a couple of favirote characters from past gangs.
  6. I would love the type of cars to change in the different places in los santos like the country could have tractors and stuff and the docks could have trucks and forklifs. The bad part of town could have some low riders and alot of SUVS.
  7. Yeah i totally get what your saying i dident like how kate never had sex in GTA 4. Should have missions with here
  8. I would love it to break to a cutseen or you choose were to shoot them first. Like say you are going to kill a mobster after you kill the goons you coner him and disarm him. You should put the gun to his head and it should let you pull the trigger at any time like no like auto cutseen kill. Like drag the moment out and like you see the bullet come out the gun and go through the guys skull with blood and gore.
  9. I liked this the GTA games but why does it show more detail of you have sex with hookers then it does with the girlfriend, atlest show them in the car or a bed like the hookers.
  10. DO NOT ADD BOWLING i hated this in GTA4. " Niko its roman do you want to go bowling" it 4:30 in the morning and im killing drug dealers and what the fuck its 4:30 !!!!!!!!!!! Who goes boling at 4:30 AM ?????????? Please add these : firefighter : police : paramedic : burglury : street race : drug deals : taxi or transport lol i love the little green icons for side missions in GTA4 where some random person needed a ride. : darts : drinking : fishing : video or arcade games
  11. I would love these weapons : deagle or magnum : tazer or stun gun : g11 or g18 : glock : m16 scarh ak47 mk14 g3c6 : uzi teken36 : rpk or m60 please any heavy or big weapons please let me have bipod or the ablity to put the gun in the back of a pickup truck or SUV or 50. CAL in a humvee or on tank. : baseball bat crowbar kinfe sword pipe trashcan : roshmore or spaz 12 : satchel charge semtex frag and flash bang : Bazzooka or javelin or stinger for vechicle lock for tanks or choppers I hope at least one of these weapons is made into the game lol sorry about no comas between weapon names.
  12. I agree i liked the tanks and saints row 3 but the second one with lazers was to cartoony and yes they should have humvees with machine guns like the army ones in saints row third but not the STAG ones they where horrible.
  13. I loved the mision in GTA san andres where you ride up to a party and have to match the arrows and buttons to do low rider moves lol it was dance dance revolution with cars. Who wants this in GTA 5.
  14. I would like to customize a car or truck and ride up to a parking lot and have big speakers in the back and random people just show up
  15. If i picked up hookers in GTA 5 and it was a sting i would speed the hell away with her in the car lol turn it into a kidnapping event
  16. I would like so screenshots with detailed information on the images in the screenshot
  17. The cops should use these tactics to catch you : asking witnesses or cameras : chasing you until but you could hide : road blocks that check people : a news report will get whole city after you : police chase and shooting tires when not by people, this was so stupid in GTA IV id'e run from police and i dodged people on side walks but cops just ran them over. : police helocopter : spike strips : armed road blocks : swat team or riot police : FBI or CIA :army/ national guard with tanks and humvees and heliocopters with missels. : just lock down the city by blowing up or rasing buildings and shut off all ways out :subway, airport, roads, : the last thing should be assasins or spys trained to kill you. They could be a hot dog vendor or homless man just comes up and shoots you point blank. I would like it if there were any planes/jets with missels, i know it would ruin the game but AC130 would be awsome. :
  18. I wouldent mind tanks, if they were easy to get or easy to out run. I would hate it if it was really hard to kill.
  19. I would really love it if you could blow up trains or planes and it rips apart and people fly out
  20. It would be the best geting chased by cops in the mountians or forest and have it snow and fog you could hide from the cops in a tree as they walk right by yah or pickem off one by one lol predator or assissians creed style lol. You cant kill what yah cant see. :)
  21. Some things that would dissapoint me but i still will get it are. If they dont have semis and trailers, bycycles, construction vechicles and tower crains like in gta 4. I never used car mods but i would love to have house and garages to buy. The thing GTA needs is the JETPACK with missles and chain gun.
  22. Dear rockstar. Im looking for gta 5 to have more free roam abilites and destructicle invironment like in gta 4 i hit the wall or cars and it crunched my car or when i hit people or construction equitment it sprayed blood or broke a part. I wish there was more trucks and trailers not sports cars, i mean have it so when you bust a whole in a trailer the liquid or fas flows out doing harm to people. Really make a moving truck where you can open up the back and have people in there or the furniture falls out.