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  1. I think a 2012 version of CJ and Claude would be ok for like minor characters that you end up killing off
  2. I'm not saying it wouldn't be a bad idea or anything It could even possibly be a good move, it's just Rockstar said they don't use characters from III era with IV, ect. ok sorry about that then
  3. yeah you are right but im just saying though if they brought back one of them it would be a good idea to make one of them an antagonist
  4. You know what would be cool if we have a previous GTA Protagonist as a GTA V Antagonist like in the end of GTA V you would have to kill Niko Bellic(if he is in the game) or having to kill CJ or Tommy Vercetti(if they are in the game it is a 70% chance they will make it) give me your thoughts