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  1. Good night, sweet prince.

  2. Oh Yeah! GTA V is going to definitely be the best game of the series

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    2. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu


    3. GunSmith


      It's convenient, but not worth the half-hour of annoying back pain, Con.

    4. ConQueSteD


      ^ This guy likes to suck cock.

  3. Watch me make this status and these hating punks start hating and drink their Haterade and hiding behind their computers

  4. I see some these same users on the forum are still drinking dat Haterade

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    2. GunSmith


      I do not recall this gent.

    3. GunSmith
    4. JustAn808


      A while back, we had a wager going that if he was incorrect on a target release for GTA V, he would be banned. As expected, he was incorrect. Any new guesses HOTQUEEN?

  5. This CHEZE IT fool must be from whatever planet hes from like dafuq is a nacker

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    2. Jizzy


      Ban Death too.

    3. COOLKING89707


      As a matter of fact jackass I was wrongfully banned by a certain power abusing dude whom shall remain nameless but now the COOL MOTHERFUKIN KING IS BACK!!! Get used to it bitach

    4. BeetnikBriyan


      Ban Death Bandit will be my next name

  6. Its been a big while since I last signed on hope you all excited for GTA V in September

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    2. Ku Zi Mu
    3. Brian


      I said "like", it's really math for every grade 6 and up

    4. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      Then you should've just said 6th...

  7. Does anyone know when GTA V Trailer #2 comes out

  8. I think a 2012 version of CJ and Claude would be ok for like minor characters that you end up killing off
  9. Is the Second Trailer of GTA V really coming out today at 5pm