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  1. What would ruin the game for me? If there were so much god damn TAXIS! But we all know that aint gonna happen so im fine
  2. Yeahh, because cj was 60 year old in san andreas...
  3. Keep in mind the GTAV is not even finished yet so its probably the only vehicles that are in the game so far
  4. maybe you could have warnings before you get stars? not for running a red light or speeding, but to things like driving on the sidewalk or bumping other cars (?) The warnings would disappear ofcourse but the police would try to pull you over maybe, who knows!
  5. Are you joking? Anyway I'm kinda leaning towards, they're the edge of the map theory. I'd really like so see a city that isn't and island in the middle of the fucking ocean.... hehehe
  6. This page has a lot of similar mountains/hills similar to the ones in the trailer.
  7. Absolute Bullshite. Blood Sugar? Body Odour? Its GTA V not fucking Sims 3..... Im sorry but if you thought for 1 second that this information is genuine... there is something wrong with your brain...
  8. LA is a lot bigger than the touristy side of it, with the beaches and beautiful scene. There is most likely a military base somewhere in the Californian desert, so it's not unreasonable. But Nuclear testing is a little over the top for such a populated area. I suppose you're right.
  9. Yeah if there are no witnesses, no stars should be gained. A little off topic, but if you kill someone ( and witnesses before the cops come) you should be able to "dispose" of the bodies, by dumping them, or burning them. That would be awsome, use dumpsters to hise the body.... anywayyyyy back on topic......
  10. Nice one, i loved the Vice city stories and liberty city stories games.
  11. I just don't want them to use their psychic powers when i beat up on a bum in the alley way....
  12. Oh and maybe a car buying system could be added! GTA IV really peeved me off when i found out the numbers for the car shop didn't work. They should make it so the cars you drive aren't used like disposable cameras and thrown away after every crash or blockage. Somewhere where you could buy a car which would stay at your safe-house garage maybe? Would be cool in my opinion. People just want to kill hokers on GTA V.... i just want the most realistic GTA R* could make to make it feel like its a separate life.... Thanks
  13. Yes, it's obvious if you've played the game. The game was based on gang activity (at least in the begging and very end), which was most prominent in the late 80's and early 90's. Haha i never knew that before thanks for the info