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  1. Its kind of annoying that i can only play golf with that Castro Lagano dude who always kicks my ass. Im trying to get 100% completion and beating michael, trevor or another friend doesnt seem to work. I heard about Todd Rosenweig and a few other golfers but don't know where to find them. I also thought it was odd that there were no horses considering they were in RDR. Im also tired of the property managment jobs. All of franklins texts are the cab company apologizing for asking. It's still a great game though.
  2. I think the question is who didn’t pre-order GTA V ? Btw i did.
  3. this is off topic, but is there a site like this for red dead redemptions sequel with updated information and forum discussions ?
  4. anything would be nice but theres no rush, theyve got alot of time to release info about the game
  5. no ability to buy property, modify cars, fly numerous types of planes, SWIM, and do activities after the story is over. without this, it would be a boring game after the story is over.
  6. anybody notice Albert de silva sounds pretty close to albert desalvo A.K.A. the boston strangler.
  7. may 24th? -->