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  1. I just tried that, i can see The plan, The staff and everything, but nothing to do there I dont wanna use my previous save because that means going back to The 18%
  2. I completed The decision, choose the team ok but The email never came
  3. I dont have any lester's email on any of The characters. I already trĂ­ed with random gauntlets but The mission is not starting when i tAke them to ls customs. Also, when i go to those three locations the cars arent there.
  4. Hi all, Im having a problem with this mission, i cant have it started, i have no email on mikes phone and no H sign on the club. I found the gauntlets manually and i have 4 of them on franklins garage, but when i take them to los santos customs there is nothing to do. Any clue on how can i get the mission started? I hope someone can help me, ive been searching around like 2 months. Thanks a lot !!