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  1. On the big stage we were supposed to be doing the "rock" emote not air guitar. But it's all good! ROCK N ROLL!! Lol
  2. Okay I figured it out and am re-posting properly. Thanks Cap. Here are my screen caps from our Rock crew night. Had a blast: Someone else is a Sultan RS fan Rock Circle. Air Guitar! Someone is hiding from the rock circle My Rock and Roll Sultan RS Design Some of my favorite vehicles others brought to the party Awesome Rock stage Deathmatch Shotgun tot he face! That's for hiding behind my car during the rock circle! ROCK N ROLL!!!!! Rock Night group shot
  3. My version of my Sultan RS for Rock n Roll themed crew night.
  4. loosely inspired by modern numetal bands like my Fav 'From Ashes to New'. Update: So i did change it a bit. New pic.
  5. @gtagrl Nice Sultan And I'm glad that wasn't me in that pic if he got the Emo Spiderman title. Harsh lol
  6. U pay GTA game money ($20,000 per race i think) as an entry fee, but rewards are supposed to be great if u can place high enough. Haven't tried it myself because I suck and don't want to lose my money
  7. Those pics are awesome, especially the short battle between Kuz and I ;). And yeah I'll only be catching the end of most crew nights. I try to be on by 10:30 est. My wife isn't a gamer so she usually won't budge when I can get online. We have a 3 kids, 1 of which is almost 2 and the youngest is 7 months so they tend to be late getting them settled and asleep. Last week was a lucky exception.
  8. My Sultan had a rough go the other day. ?
  9. Well it being a solid car depends on what your looking for. If u want the fastest car to win races, then this probably isn't it, especially now that it's in the Super class. But if you want a really fast car that has great handling, snappy on the turns, accelerates quick, is perfect for drifting, and is just an all around fun car to drive, then it's most definitely a solid car.
  10. I actually very rarely drink alcohol. I was just being funny. But I am scarily addicted to chocolate milk!
  11. Nice pics! That rally car version looks awesome!