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    RDR2 Soundtrack Listing

    Official soundtrack coming July 12th.
  2. TreeFitty

    RDR2 Soundtrack Listing

    From the end credits. Didn't find a listing anywhere through Google. Known tracks from the end credits: Moonlight Open Hymn - Rhiannon Giddens (Fire in Your Eyes) Unshaken - D'Angelo That's the Way It Is (High) - Daniel Lanois That's the Way It Is (Low) - Daniel Lanois Mountain Finale - Daniel Lanois, Nas Crash of the Worlds (High) - Rocco DeLuca Crash of the Worlds (Low) - Rocco DeLuca Cruel World - Willie Nelson Red - Daniel Lanois Cruel World - Josh Homme Mountain Hymn - Rhiannon Giddens Table Top - Daniel Lanois Love Come Back - Daniel Lanois Dulcimer Campfire - Daniel Lanois Mountain Banjo - Rhiannon Giddens Oh My Lovely - Daniel Lanois Moonlight Nola - Daniel Lanois, Daryl Johnson, Joseph Maize, Darryle Hatcher, Rhiannon Giddens (Fire in Your Eyes Vocal) Gospel Redemption - Daniel Lanois House Build - David Ferguson Environmental Music: A Prisoner for Life - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Boring for Oil - Vance Rudolph Buffalo Gals - Traditional California Stage Company - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Can-Can - Jacques Offenbach, Ossi Bashiri Cielito Lindo - Quirino Fidel Mendoza Cortes Cole Younger - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Dan Taylor - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Drinking Song - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Flower Duet - Leo Delibes Habanera - Georges Bizet Hello My Baby - Ida Emerson, Joseph Howard I Ask That Gal - Traditional I Got a Gal in Berrywood - Traditional I Wouldn't Marry an Old Man - Traditional Jack of Diamonds - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Jesse James - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Key Hole in the Door - Traditional Libiamo Ne Lieti Calici - Giuseppe Verdi Little Joe the Wrangler - Alan Lomax, John Lomax O Soave Fanciulla - Giacomo Puccini One-Eyed Riley - Traditional, Tom Clancy, Pat Clancy, Liam Clancy Pie Jesu - Gabriel Faure Poor Lonesome Cowboy - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Proctology - Ralph Waldo, Terry Waldo Runk-Dinky Di-Lo - Traditional Ruby Lorraine - Ralph Waldo, Terry Waldo Spanish Patrillio - Traditonal The Amsterdam Maid - Traditional The Cowboy - Alan Lomax, John Lomax The Hell-Bound Train - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Un Bel Di - Giacomo Puccini
  3. TreeFitty

    GTAO DLC Topic

    EPIC BUMP "Opening soon: A luxury casino in the heart of Vinewood..."
  4. I like how there is an insta-death zone only where the old breach was. Didn't put it anywhere else....
  5. I guess we are back near the top of Google results. Spam bots starting to come back.

    1. gtagrl


      Let's start a GTA6 speculation topic, that'll help...

  6. Nice! Can you call your horse from there? Or does it fall victim to the slip wall?
  7. A few years ago if we saw that last pic of the clown truck/limo we'd all laugh about how that's where GTAO was going. Ha. Ha.
  8. I think it's because they imported the mesh from the old game. You can see the darker dirt around the holes has an obvious square shape to the pattern which makes me think it was auto-generated. I've talked about the landscape on here or the discord where I believe the landscape including foilage is auto-generated based on some simple parameters the programmers set. They then do detail work for the playable areas to make it look as good as it does but the outer areas do not matter since you aren't supposed to be there.
  9. Given the location of a few of these, I wouldn't put it past them.
  10. While messing around in guarma I've been looking for cheats. Kind of doubt they are there since you are only allowed in a limited area for a short time but still possible.
  11. Slip glitch looks hilarious. I always forget to try it out.
  12. Oh wow that's a shitty one to find. Makes me wonder if there were others I went past.
  13. Cool beans. Can you still row all the way to guarma? Might make exploring with a posse easier.
  14. First time I saw that opening looking out over the next bay I knew it had to be cut content. It was lined up too perfectly. Aside from that I never gave it much thought.
  15. Aside from us? I think everyone just agreed it was cut content and left it at that.
  16. Is it just me or were you floating above the interior floor? I also wonder if that painting is there earlier in the story.
  17. Something like this...
  18. I have been doing the same during the few times I play. A couple places I thought for sure I would find a cheat code but no luck.
  19. But no cheat code...
  20. So now we have craft breaching which works better than lantern breaching. Cool to know.
  21. I like how they removed the tables/cabinets but left the props sitting on top of them. Very strange looking. Maybe they changed the object names sometime after this was closed up so no one ever looked at it again.
  22. That's the same shack you dump the oil wagon at and grab it for the train robbery, right?
  23. They talk on the porch but you can see through the door while John talks to the son.
  24. From what I remember we never get interior shots but you can see through the doorway a few times. I figured there would be a room inside. Didn't think it would be that detailed.