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  1. Those rocks are too far away for it to be Downes Ranch, which is what I was getting at. What's that purple place name south east of Horseshoe Overlook? Could that be where Dupz stable buildings are? Probably not since the mountains would be in the wrong place I imagine.
  2. What of the reports of the Rebel fleet massing near Sullust of an article saying this is R*s biggest map to date? I haven't read it myself, just seen a couple of mentions around. That kinda lends credence to the desert being in a new area, but at the same time I think we can reliably place 99% of stuff we've seen so far into this current space.
  3. Yeah there are quite a few differences in certain terrain that we have noticed - snow atop mountains in some shots but not others, more green and lush plain compared to the old, dry dusty grasslands in the older trailers. Certainly seems indicative of time passing. Have yet to see a game really implement seasons properly (aside from The Sims 2: Seasons,) but then I don't play many games.
  4. I mean where are those rocks in this shot? The top of that mesa is quite heavily forested, whereas Dupz proposed Downes Ranch area looks pretty free from trees. It could be between the mesa and the small butte nearest the bend in the river I guess, but the background topology doesn't match up in those shots to me.
  5. I was trying to make out the sign on the barn in the main pic for ages the other day, all I could read was "stable". Actually can that be Downes Ranch? Wouldn't you see the big rock features in that establishing shot from the second trailer a few pages back?
  6. Aye not bad. I did think your Emerald Ranch placement was off in the last annotation, it looks closer to where I think it would be now.
  7. I'm still hoping that desert is in some so far unseen portion of the map, don't know where that would be though because to get down to Mexico way again you'd need to travel across Flat Iron lake bypassing Hennigan's Stead.
  8. I would laugh if the map somehow turned out to be fake after all this effort, I know it's not possible at this point...
  9. The one on the left looks different too - its left flank is more sloped in the newer pics, like it has crumbled away a bit. Doesn't have the same stepped profile. They've gotta be the same though as they are so similar in shape, can't have two sets of near identical rocks in the world.
  10. I've been wondering about the two nubbin rocks, whether they are the same two we saw in the first trailer or not. Perhaps they are beta versions but in the first trailer the right one doesn't have the fingers on it, camera angle?... definitely shows how far the game has come if they are the same.
  11. What the big picture? Thought it was just outside Blackwater myself, thought it was obvious.
  12. Seasonal variations in landscape would be nice, but even then I don't think that would be enough to form a proper desert. I'm looking at the background in that desert pic to try and place it somewhere.
  13. I think that desert is going to look a bit odd stuck in amongst all the other terrain, in the first Redmption it worked because it was the entire southern portion of the map and separated by a river, even then the terrain north of the river sorta transitioned into an arid landscape around Gaptooth Ridge. But how the hell are they going to have a small isolated patch of desert when the land around it is all temperate or swampland? You can't go from one biome to another in such a small distance.
  14. Yeah Dup I was doing exactly that last night, comparing those two buildings, even matched up the Confederate cripple guy to the other shot like you did. Can't be arsed to actually open up editing software to note it all down visually though. Also note the lighthouse in that Annesburg pic, is that Tallulah Jetty or possibly the prison island? Could even be Copperhead Landing.
  15. Yep, reckon it's Annesburg myself, the way the coast juts outwards to the south matches up with the map pretty well and that large building I think is the same one seen in the third trailer with Arthur beating a guy up in front of it at around 1:30 - something mining and coal company, but there's a lot of lumber outside suggesting it's a sawmill. My question is - where does that desert fit into our map? Is it some new area we haven't seen yet?
  16. Lookin' good, normally I like to have a go at that sort of stuff myself but you'll have done it all before I can be bothered to look at the screencaps.
  17. ViceMan


    Depends, in a single player game you have the convenience of being able to neatly categorise your characters in their respective saves: One playthrough i'll be a raider (not that 4 let you do that really aside from Nuka World.) In a multiplayer game it's a bit harder to step out of your shack one morning, stretch your arms and say "today I shall be a raider." Other people aren't going to know that, they're just going to treat you based on previous encounters, it's going to kill the immersion somewhat. "Oh look it's that friendly trader from down the way." "That was yesterday, today's Thursday." *blows guy's head off* Still don't know how they're going to handle that in an efficient manner.
  18. I love the slight giggle in Dutch's voice when he says "buddy".
  19. ViceMan


    I imagine they'll band together as raider groups and make it hard to take one down. Or maybe not, no honour among thieves and all that.
  20. ViceMan


    Any update on the beta yet? Wanna know if I have to preorder soon.
  21. I thought we'd all given up mapping once we knew that map was the real deal, kinda takes the fun out of it. But i'd still like to see some really in depth analysis of frame by frame panoramas with every knoll and hooker's tit outlined in colour-coded profile so we can cross reference them to build up a fully fleshed out understanding of the world. I haven't watched the gameplay trailer since it came out, but it had lots of juicy shots in it that are ripe for analysis.
  22. I felt like I wanted to thrust my penis into my screen. (And we finally saw Jack and Abigail in there.)
  23. Don't jinx it now, we're so close. You dare jinx it you fuck! *brawls*