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  1. Odd that they used the Pinkerton name, being as famous as it is. R* normally make up a similar name. Hoping for a new gameplay vid this week yes. Need to see some different areas of the map.
  2. Er, I was thinking more of Irish, y'know Irish the Irish guy from that Red Dead Redemption game. Perhaps we'll see him before he was a drunk bum, maybe he has family there. Irish family.
  3. Thinking about it the name Emerald might have connotations with Ireland, so there might be a certain Irish character who resides there - why R* would want to hide him from us however I don't know.
  4. That river runs north east though, not due north. I'm also pretty sure you can see Saint Denis in the far distance on the right, look like shipping type cranes on the water's edge. (They could be trees, it's hard to tell.) There's also a railway line that runs along the very edge of that lake, again heading north-south. I'm still certain it's Emerald Ranch, but I guess time will tell, at this point I don't think I can be convinced otherwise.
  5. Yes, I even made an image with those two shots in but didn't bother uploading it. Pretty sure that's Emerald Ranch in the second pic. Dewberry Creek would be on the river, probably bottom right behind the hill.
  6. I'm not sure if that hill is necessarily that tall, it's just the camera angle. There are quite a lot of hillocks in the heartlands and this seems to be any number of them.
  7. I've looked for that a few times, it should appear in both of these shots but it doesn't as far as I can see. If you are talking about the dead tree hill in your main pic that is, it's definitely somewhere in the heartlands since you can see the same shocker profile. Perhaps this is another example of a living world that progresses over time; that tree starts off dead but slowly grows back which would explain why we can't see it anywhere else - it's just another tree. I reckon this is around by that burnt out homestead on the edge of Flatiron too, possibly near Dewberry Creek as i'm pretty sure there's a river in the background.
  8. Well I looked at the Mexican border mountains from a few old screenshots and other sources and they looked like less of a match than the one I posted. Think this desert is going to elude us until the next gameplay trailer at least, or even release. Speaking of which, how long do you think it'll be before somebody leaks an early copy of the game and we can find out how big the map really is and how close we were? I'm still going with my north west desert theory anyway, it's just as credible as anything else at this point.
  9. I was going on my previous crazy theory of the desert being north west of the map area we already have. Yeah I was looking at some old RDR screenshots, but to really get an idea you need to be in-game yourself so you can see from every angle.
  10. ViceMan


    What the fuck did I just read...? Never mind. I don't think Piper (the trans girl) was born when 76 takes place, about 170ish years too early for that.
  11. So this is a longshot and i'm 99% sure it's wrong, but I got curious. There are definitely similarities, but they are too coincidental. Problem with that desert pic is there are several planes of mountain ranges within that profile and it's hard to isolate one from another. (I flipped the desert shot BTW. Oh and the watermark says "who would want to steal this piece of shit???")
  12. Sorry Q, your tits just aren't a draw anymore.
  13. ViceMan


    Look better than those godawful figures Rockstar just announced, probably half the price too.
  14. I think the camera guy shot is on the same plateau as the horse rearing up. You can see the very edge of that rock on his right, plus the top of the bigger finger rock. It's funny how these seemingly obvious rock shapes don't appear in a lot of the other shots, kinda like these two beauties that I looked at before. They are quite clearly in the mountain range behind Valentine somewhere, but in a lot of the shots looking that way they don't seem to be there, either obscured by cloud or the wrong angle I guess . I called them QD's Mounds before, but I think Toblerone might be a more fitting and universally recognisable name. I'm actually doubting myself now as to whether these are the same rocks. I was certain of it before, but now not so sure.
  15. It's this one again, surely. I'm saying... yes...? Tentatively.
  16. I was basing that off of the mountain profile behind, looks like it's facing south to me, but like I said I can't be arsed to do any annotations to prove that. I have post-traumatic mapping disorder.
  17. So I CBA to do any annotations but i'm assuming these rocks are on the tip that's on the river bend. (Pretty certain they're the same rocks behind that guy to his right, same profile.) Can't quite see them in this though. They may be a LOD render or further round the bend tucked behind the big rock. As for forest shots like Fitty said most don't have any landmarks in for reference. The only shot I can see that is slightly foresty but has a bit of mountain profile in is this one; That profile looks familiar, but at the same time I think i'm going crazy looking at mountain silhouettes so they're all starting to look alike. Plus even if we locate it, it doesn't really help us with anything else.
  18. I mentioned it in the other topic but i'm pretty sure this is Manzanita Post being built; Where is that second left image down in your gallery from Dup? I haven't seen it before. Never mind found it, must've glossed over it before. This one isn't too hard to work out, i'd say that little blue ranch framed in the trees is Carmody Dell and the fire is Cornwall or Heartland Oil, this might be somewhere close to the "shocker" rock. I've always assumed there are at least 7 more squares above and 3 more to the left of what we see, since the grid starts at H04.
  19. Are you gonna replace Bayou NWA with Lemoyne? I would say the snowy scene with Dutch talking about feeding and keeping the people warm would be somewhere near Colter, I think that's where we'll be starting the game and possibly our first hideout, since the map says (Intro.)
  20. Well the one thing that did bug me was that the train line doesn't run through Great Plains past Blackwater, so how can the train service all those areas plus New Austin if there's no way to get there? I dismissed my argument by telling myself the leaked map was old and probably very sparse with its info.
  21. Hmmmm, does that desert pic match up to any place in the Mexico area of the old map? Pretty hyped now if we are going to see all these old places again, see how many of the MacFarlane brothers have died already. Actually... " The third to die was Cole, who died on July 26th, 1899, from a gunshot wound to the head. "
  22. Yeah probably more to do with the handegg player, being from Naaaw'leans. I lol'd at the Merkin's wigs company too, but it's probably unrelated to the Merkins place in the swamp.
  23. Yeah was trying to work that one out, oh well I won't bother uploading that pic I just made then. Got the New ???, Lemoyne part, couldn't see the second word. Thought it was New Bordeaux again myself. But Saint Denis is the city, plus it's already in Mafia III... So, fuck knows. Only thing I get for Mondeaux is a dam in Wisconsin.
  24. Never seen that before. So that pretty much confirms we're getting the entire old Redemption map then? Also Red Rocket. Bethesda might like a word about that one. Only things I can pick out that are place names are Cumberland Mountain and Saint Denis, Lemoyne, USA (Which we pretty much knew already.)
  25. I will of course check out the online, but i'm not hopeful it'll be anything other than the same shit we've been subjected to for the last 5 years. Only this time i'll be able to get out early before i'm invested in it. By the time i'm finished with the single player 76 will have released anyway, so my online time might be more deserving of that.