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  1. Yeah probably more to do with the handegg player, being from Naaaw'leans. I lol'd at the Merkin's wigs company too, but it's probably unrelated to the Merkins place in the swamp.
  2. Yeah was trying to work that one out, oh well I won't bother uploading that pic I just made then. Got the New ???, Lemoyne part, couldn't see the second word. Thought it was New Bordeaux again myself. But Saint Denis is the city, plus it's already in Mafia III... So, fuck knows. Only thing I get for Mondeaux is a dam in Wisconsin.
  3. Never seen that before. So that pretty much confirms we're getting the entire old Redemption map then? Also Red Rocket. Bethesda might like a word about that one. Only things I can pick out that are place names are Cumberland Mountain and Saint Denis, Lemoyne, USA (Which we pretty much knew already.)
  4. I will of course check out the online, but i'm not hopeful it'll be anything other than the same shit we've been subjected to for the last 5 years. Only this time i'll be able to get out early before i'm invested in it. By the time i'm finished with the single player 76 will have released anyway, so my online time might be more deserving of that.
  5. R* desperately trying to get me to preorder the ultimate edition with a tempting extra 250k!! GTA dollars. Me: "Nah i'll just sell another duped car for 900k."
  6. I noticed a while ago - at least I think it's that same - The "shocker" rock is in front of Grizzly in that cap from the first trailer of the guy in the barn getting on his horse. Wasn't sure though as like I said a lot has changed between the trailers. (Plus it looks a lot smaller there, in front of another mountain.)
  7. Is Grizzly really that far east? Feel like we haven't seen much of it since the first trailer. Then again it seemed like a lot of the mountain profiles changed between the first and second trailer, understandable since it was a year previous.
  8. Actually there was one more thing I made but forgot to post. It's probably totally wrong, I think the rail line by the lake is a bit off. If the lake is indeed under the purple border line then it's a bit far away from the rail. My basis for that being that the large rocks on the left seem to be in the centre of the map somewhere east of Valentine and the nubbin rocks.
  9. I'm a bit pooped out on mapping now, need some fresh screencaps from the next gameplay vid to revitalise me. Hopefully we'll see some more desert.
  10. So for the desert my logical theory is that it is down south Mexico way, past Flat Iron Lake and Hennigan's Stead. My crazy theory is that it's west north west of what we can see currently, out beyond those mountains.
  11. The only other shot I can conclusively link to those rail bridges is this one; This one i'm 60/40 about; Originally I thought it could be the range on the right of that shot, but it's too inconclusive to say.
  12. I just assumed it was those two bridges you pointed out a while ago with the bear fighting the wolves, is it not? Also I like how there are different train models in this game.
  13. Looking at the original 'demption map there's a key for danger, but I think that would come under gang hideout here. I dunno, i'm not sure if that means enemy gangs or our gang. The fact that there is a gang hideout/caravan camp key suggests it's our gang, but perhaps we clear the enemy gang out first and claim it as our own.
  14. Was thinking that, but nothing makes the letters any clearer. It's the same size and font as the text above so I was going to try and transpose letters from that onto it until I make a word. I think the only thing we can agree on is the first letter is L. Some other things; The Saint Denis puzzle box that comes with the CE has Lemoyne written below it, do you think this is the region name for Bayou NWA or is it just a company that makes the puzzle? Also, has nobody considered the fact that the leaked map grid begins with H and 4, doesn't that suggest there is more above it and to the left. (I mean the fact that there's a place name cut off at the map edge suggests there's more to it.)
  15. Yeah that definitely looks like something something Railroad Camp, still think the second word is Ridge or Bridge though. As for the key, I was trying to think of anything that could work and I kept going back to Ledger target, but the second word looks like it begins with a capital J. "I seen yoh name in ohw ledguh." Also thought the last one was Apple something myself too.
  16. There's an abandoned mine below Pronghorn Ranch marked in white (also in a different font as if it's an annotation, like the lake? near Adler Ranch) so I wouldn't have said that. I keep thinking I can make out the odd word in some of them, but that word isn't enough to reveal what they are. The one below Horseshoe Overlook is C-something-s Point, the one southeast of Aberdeen Pig Farm is something Ridge/Bridge.
  17. Can we link these two? You can see two chimneys in the older pic but I think in the new one the angle might be obscuring the second. There also appears to be smaller building or lean to in front in the newer shot so i'm not sure if it is the same place. Also has anyone with their technical wizardry been able to decipher some of those purple place names?
  18. I think i'm in agreement that this is Hanging Dog Ranch, you can see what appear to be tents and wagons outside and we know it's a caravan camp.
  19. Maybe, I wasn't sure if the body of water was the main river or one of the swampy inlets, my initial thought was it did look like the stretch of bank around Annesburg up to Van Horn, but yeah the angles and twistiness of the river didn't match. Also here's my rather vague take on the desert mountains, i'm sure you and Dup have done something better already.
  20. So i've been looking at these rocks, i've dubbed them QD's mounds. So far as I can tell they are up in the Grizzlies somewhere east of Valentine, maybe up near Iron Cloud. They are different from this rock (left side) which I was also looking at. Which is somewhere in the centre-east of the map, not quite sure where but it's seen quite a lot. Then I got to looking at that river, meanders north east not really matching anything we have on the map, doesn't look like Roanoke Ridge area to me. Now, looking at the border between The Heartlands and Scarlett Meadows there's a place called Dewberry Creek which would suggest a river running through it. The border runs at a 45 degree angle like the river, so my guess is it would be there. Any thoughts?
  21. Reckon this is Manzanita Post being built?
  22. No I imagine it'll be like in V where you can't kill family members, they'll probably be immune to explosions too. (Unlike family members.)
  23. Just a few inconsequential things that aren't that revelatory, may have already been noticed but weren't worth posting about; Annesburg Somewhere near Valentine (Saw loads more but got tired of drawing coloured lines and uploading the images.}
  24. I'm still hoping that desert is somewhere else entirely, it should be an entire region not a small part of an existing one. I'm 50/50 on those two mountain ranges, there are similarities yes but not enough to say for certain.
  25. Makes the map scale seem pretty small if it's that close to the railway.