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  1. I expected the next gameplay vid on thursday, but it never came. Funny seeing the angry comments when R* tweet about something else other than RDRII, like the overpriced toys they just released. I thought there were going to be three gameplay vids but at this rate we'll be lucky for two.
  2. If anyone would print a magazine with the word shit on the cover i'd have gone with the Dutch. I read the wiki page for the company and it says they gave GTA IV and V 100/100 ratings, but not San Andreas. Thoshe crayshee fokkersh.
  3. Bit out of date but has this been mentioned yet? Del Lobos/The Wolves could just be a generic gang name but there is of course Del Lobo rock in New Austin, perhaps more evidence of it appearing. Actually wasn't there an old ruined house by Del Lobo rock in Redemption, could've been the same one.
  4. Yeah like I said they saved her artwork for last so she must be quite important.
  5. *ignores Q* That quote too, it's almost like saying "Love is all you need." Or something else with spiritual significance. Fuck, we really are getting every character... those poor (but at the same time rich) artists.
  6. Has a slight resemblance to the strange man from John's past. But I guess moustache + top hat will do that.
  7. I'm not so sure about that. Her accent sounds right for her name, but she looks too different.
  8. I don't remember hearing any names, but apart from the trailers and gameplay vid i've not really followed anything since I don't use social media. Oh god who is she? She isn't part of the gang is she? Are we getting all the characters? They're certainly keeping their artists busy.
  9. Where are you getting these names from? First i've heard of them.
  10. And the Strauss guy right hand side, who's the guy below John you crossed off too? We haven't seen him have we?
  11. Oh ok. You forgot to cross off Molly bottom right too.
  12. I did notice that. Which one's Lenny? I'm imagining the Simpsons character. Seems like they are leaving Sadie till near the end, she must be important... as must Lenny. Whoever he is.
  13. It was Uncle, hmmm... I must work for Rockstar. Sadie next?
  14. I'm just crossing them off of Fitty's collage from the last page as we go. I reckon Uncle next.
  15. It's just the internet, the internet is built on memes. Kiddies need to keep posting stuff in desperate attempts to get recognition and empty, meaningless appraisal. I always thought that black woman looked a bit like Michael Jackson circa 1975, now it turns out her last name is Jackson.
  16. I really don't think we're going to get a trailer this late in the day, I know they are based on US times normally but they generally try to cater for Europe too and not release them too late.
  17. If we're gong to get every single gang member we've probably got about another 5+ to go, so 2 and a half hours at least, I really hope this is leading to something.
  18. Uh, Sadie Adler plus a load others. Oh Javier too, always forget about heem.
  19. Fuck I knew Jack would be in there somewhere. All those meme pics with "Work ya damn nag" were right.
  20. I like the one someone did of that screaming cowboy guy from that music video. Oh shit, the John Marston??! Does that mean we're getting the trailer next, thought they'd save him for last but it seems like we're missing a few characters.
  21. You think they'll drop it out the blue, no buildup? Hmmm, depends if it's going to have live commentary or not like the last one. I guess the last one dropped on a Thursday though, so maybe. Do you think 5pm UK time we might see it if that's the case?
  22. Well it's gotta be soon, we're a month since the last one and there might be a third one a few weeks before release.
  23. Yeah someone on Reddit suggested he's going to be the Trevor of the group, wildcard and unpredictable. He looks much more sinister here than in game so far where he just looks stoned or something. The background for Molly's pic looks like a place we haven't seen yet. Here's your coat.
  24. I guess Susan is the whore that all the new recruits get stuck with, they have to work their way up to Molly. Can we infer anything from those backgrounds or are they just generic backdrops?