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  1. I find it funny that in most Asscreed games you spend the entire story searching for a PoE, in this game you get one at the very start and have no idea what the fuck it does. The "final" boss fight is kinda weird with the PoE - it took me a few attempts to master it, but I won't go into specifics.
  2. Another tip for phylakes, fight them on horse/camelback with a spear or axe weapon. Take long passes charging up the R2 power attack, i've changed the spear for a legendary axe that poisons on hit and it seems to work just as well.
  3. The phylakes are really easy with a spear, use the R2 power attack to charge at them from afar and break their defense, then get a few hits in, retreat, repeat and defeat. Also fire bombs before you start the fight itself. Took down my second just now, was raiding a camp in Sapi-Res and the guards alerted him to my location, I considered retreating as I wasn't sure if I could take him, but the spear took him down easily, even with other guards nearby. Also the flesh decay is awesome and can wipe out smaller camps quickly if you can place a body in the middle in plain sight of everyone. And you can restore your beard and hair by pressing R2 + triangle and L2 + triangle in the gear screen.
  4. And i'm taking my time, doing side quests and exploring locations. Chariot races can fuck off though, came 3rd and 4th in my two attempts at the first tourney.
  5. I've had a few bugs, but not consistently enough to be of any concern. Took photos of most of them; guy half in a wall, one when trying to air assassinate a captain on a ship it somehow glitched due to the rigging getting in the way and as a result I was stuck unable to move in the hanging animation while the guards shot at me. Funny/annoying things, Bayek is a pussy magnet - cats seem to flock to his feet, first happened mid battle with some guards, three cats rushed towards me and I panicked thinking they were trained attack cats set to lick my face off with their raspy tongues. Secondly the moment you dive into any large body of water the game sees fit to spawn a homing boat that will lock onto you and chase you down incessantly. Presumably the helmsman is some fanaticist who loves mowing down casual swimmers, they lurk out of sight but as soon as you turn your back - WALLOP! prow in the back of the head. If you somehow avoid them they proceed to stop next to you and abuse you, usually in Greek. (I'm assuming this mechanic is so you're never stranded far from a boat, but damn, these people are true menaces of the seas.)
  6. Bought this last Thursday while it was cheaper, wasn't expecting it to be delivered until today but Amazon's overefficient delivery service decided to get it to me by Sunday evening, (and that's using the free cheapskate delivery, dunno why you'd ever bother with the first class option.) Anyway just leaving Alexandria; taken down the first phylake, which i'm assuming would be pronounced as "fee-LAH-kay"? He wiped me out a few times due to other guards interfering but once I had him alone I just lobbed 6 fire bombs at him and rushed him with my spear, he only managed to get in one attack before he died. I'm off to see some geezer in Giza. The whole level system makes you do more side quests and actually explore, which is nice.
  7. I thought you'd already conquered Solstheim. I hear there's also an island up north full of synths and crazed people worshipping atoms... i've seen it in a vison but I do not know what the words mean, it definitely sounds like a job for the last dragonborn. I'm currently stuck in 19th century London which is apparently a real place, i'm also simultaneously stuck in other strange places that I warp between at random. It's so confusing living in the matrix. I hear the faint galloping of horses and gunshots ringing out like some ill omen, a portent of things to come perhaps. I also see the words "microtransactions" and "extortion" everywhere, how this relates to anything I don't know. I just don't know.
  8. Fuck, it's nearly a week later and you only just got it. Still playing Syndicate and don't feel in the slightest like i'm missing out on anything by not having Origins. From the little i've seen of the game the protag sounded like another dull, characterless Altair type.
  9. I'm not getting it at release, i'll wait a bit until it goes down in price. I'm still replaying Syndicate and i'm in no rush to finish.
  10. ViceMan


    My go to settlement locations always end up being either Starlight drive in or Egret Tours - mainly for it's lovely views of the glowing crater to the southwest. My last character was my second Nuka World raider, she ended up with the Operators... I never actually finished playing as her, I just quit playing Fallout for some reason. The thing that always bugged me was the settlement system where attacks were tied to how many resources you made and the defense of the place, I always heavily fortified my bases which meant you never really got attacked, making the defenses pointless. To counter that you had to produce masses of water to make the number higher than your defense, but you still never really got attacked, and when you did it always happened when you were over the other side of the map balls deep in a super mutant stronghold. I think in the end I started using the traps to force the Gunners to attack me.
  11. ViceMan


    I just wish I could skip the whole story of 4, the whole opening Vault bit especially. It's as bad as Skyrim and Helgen at this point, you've done it so many times you have to psyche yourself up to get through it, get outside and then you're free to explore the world. Then you shout "fuck you Shaun, i'm off to build a battle arena" into the gentle breeze and head for somewhere far far away from Concord and Preston "i've just got word of another settlement that needs our (our as in your, not my) help" Garvey.
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    I really wanna play FO4 again. Problem is i've only just got round to taking the GTA disc out of the drive and putting AC Syndicate back in, so i'm committed to that now.
  13. R* definitely have a hardon for the stunt race pieces.
  14. Sounds like you've entered another dimension, perhaps it's for the best.
  15. I'll laugh merrily the day I hear Pieface has had offspring. Your tales are truly legendary Mr. Billibob.
  16. Those blue/purple boundary lines are annoying though, keep thinking they're rivers.
  17. Excuse my shit skills, just adding something else to that;
  18. I'm guessing we saw a repeater carbine somewhere in the trailer, a lot of those looked too short for rifles. Did one of the gang members behind the tree have a sawnoff?
  19. Ok you're hired, you're now in charge of cataloguing and archiving weapons from the trailers and screenshots. Was it the Schofield or the LeMat that had the shotgun type barrel beneath the main one? It was in RDR but didn't function. Must've been the LeMat.
  20. If not younger than that even, i'd say 13+ he'd probably start to grow restless at an orphanage.
  21. TBH i've been so focused on the map and scenery in the trailers i've not really studied the guns.
  22. I'm not up on my firearms but since we have a topic for animals we may as well have one for weapons. The most obvious new addition being the bow and arrow. I guess the game takes place too early for my beloved Mauser C96 to make an appearance.
  23. Not that I picked up on. Apart from killing some Haitians.
  24. You not played Mafia III? Lincoln had a scar on the side of his head, it was the other side though I think. Sounds like Lincoln's voice actor, has a scar on the side of his head the same, town called New Bordeaux. I dunno, just seems weird.