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  1. I think the evidence for New Austin outweighs the evidence against; the five states, the model train that mentions it, if Mexico is in then NA must also be... uh, that's all I got. Evidence against is the train line doesn't go through Blackwater to NA making it impossible for the train to get there, but i've dismissed that as the leaked map is old and has minimal info. Any more?
  2. Yeah limb crippling has really gone downhill over the years. GTA IV was alright but in GTA V it was so stupid: Shoot someone in the leg twice and they die instantly. Hoping for a return to contextual body damage that also accounts for the power of the weapon you're using.
  3. Dammit Q, this was your chance at the big time: Your name in lights, executive lube, iridium coated neon nipple tassels and a lifetime supply of triple quilted toiler paper.
  4. Well if you feel like loading it up and doing some investigative work around that area you might help Dup find something, or even find it yourself. I however have pretty much given up with that desert until we get more shots of it, which at this rate it doesn't seem any time soon.
  5. ViceMan


    Bethesda games at release are beta in all but name anyway. Basically you're preordering to get the game two-three weeks early.
  6. Maybe it's gone the same way as the GTA V single player DLC. (Also Agent.)
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    I dunno I don't buy many AAA games, this is the first one I have that's got a beta.
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    I thought betas normally lasted months, or in the case of some Steam games, years.
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    Shit, oh well it was a waste of time me preordering so early then. Won't get a chance to play with RDR coming out before. Was hoping it would be beginning of October, luckily I just bought the GTA trilogy so that'll keep me busy in the meantime.
  10. Yeah it might well be, there are definite similarities in the mountain profiles and i've always known they won't look exactly the same as the originals due to better models. Q has an Xbox, can't we get him to load up RDR if he has it? Anyway i'm hoping we'll get some information soon as we're less than a month away now.
  11. Until tomorrow i'm saying fuck the desert and fuck the fucking gila monsters, I bury those cock-a-roaches. However if a gameplay vid drops tomorrow my stance may change.
  12. About a month ago when I had my old 500GB PS4 I was tight for space so I bought a 1TB HDD, then my PS4 knackered so I got a 1TB Pro, so now I have too much space.
  13. Yup, pretty much. I'm still going with Bison Bullion for the online currency though.
  14. Yeah I don't think they'll go this route for such a large area, say you need gila monster skins to craft something but you've already done the mission that takes you there and it's locked. That'd fuck over a lot of people... although it seems these days R* are in the business of fucking people over.
  15. My hunch is that's just a coincidence, but I think we'll definitely be seeing Mexico at this point. Hopefully we'll get a gameplay vid tomorrow, whether we see some other parts of the map however is another story. It's weird that we know so much yet so little; the area we have mapped is pretty accurate, but it could end up being a quarter of the playable area. Either R* have been showcasing the entire map in the trailers and screens (which i'm 99% sure isn't true due to the elusive desert,) or they've chosen that portion of it exclusively for some reason and withheld the rest.
  16. "Shit, they're on to us! Scrap everything and start over, see you in six years!"
  17. Yeah i've never been sure with that screen, but assumed it was Saint Denis due to the size and architecture of the building. I would say it's the park, unless there's some sort of scientific institute there. Does New Orleans have anything like that from the same era?
  18. Compare them; She's be on the far left, yaaaarrrr. (Don't know why i'm a pirate.) Where's Grizzly if you propose that these mountains are in its place? Although like I said before, we haven't seen much of the Grizzly since the first trailer, it probably looks totally different.
  19. Good question actually, I never considered some of the larger game. Maybe you can only skin bears and larger animals in situ, can't imagine there being a mechanic where you whistle one of the gang to come by with a wagon and you both load it on, and you wouldn't be able to do it by yourself realistically... so yeah that's going to be an interesting one.
  20. Who would go to the effort of wrapping rats tails intertwined with their feet and emblazoned with a head motif around a hat? Apparently Arthur Morgan would, unless one of the women at camp did it while he was asleep and he didn't realise.
  21. I mean it would make more sense in regards to the train bridge shot, but I thought we'd already established this was the far left mountain down in Big Valley? It's to the left of Valentine that's fo sho'. (I will reiterate my thoughts on the matter; I think your shocker rock/Balsam Rise is waaay too far east, to me it's more in the centre/east of the map, somewhere north of Clingman area.)
  22. Don't tell Q about the Oily Virgin Anus.
  23. Assumed it was a rat, very big mouse otherwise. I guess because it's straight gangsta to wear a rat on your head...?
  24. That hat. The level of crafting is going to be pretty diverse it seems... Guess the first thing i'll do is punch a tree.
  25. No doubt there'll be a trophy for it, first thing I thought too. I imagine at least 20 of those species will be some form of small bird like in the first Redemption, so they'll probably be just a simple reskin of each other and share a similar AI. But still it's impressive, wonder what the other 180 species will be, we only know a couple of dozen so far.