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  1. Assumed it was a rat, very big mouse otherwise. I guess because it's straight gangsta to wear a rat on your head...?
  2. That hat. The level of crafting is going to be pretty diverse it seems... Guess the first thing i'll do is punch a tree.
  3. No doubt there'll be a trophy for it, first thing I thought too. I imagine at least 20 of those species will be some form of small bird like in the first Redemption, so they'll probably be just a simple reskin of each other and share a similar AI. But still it's impressive, wonder what the other 180 species will be, we only know a couple of dozen so far.
  4. 200 species of animals? That's quite something.
  5. ViceMan


    Is that what you call it? How much of a tune can you get out of it?
  6. ViceMan


    I won't be playing the bard class unfortunately, who's the most musical around here? Preordered now anyway, just had the grim realisation that the beta is going to be buggier than a normal Bethesda game at release... as if that's possible.
  7. Found a few noteworthy screens here, but can't see anything that matches so far; Think i'll go back to waiting for the next gameplay vid.
  8. Yeah would've thought somebody would load up RDR and have a look, take a few photos etc. But no. It's really difficult to isolate one of those mountain layers from the others, you could walk 100 ft left or right and the whole profile would've changed. I might have a look for some more RDR screens, but last time I didn't find anything conclusive.
  9. Map's really fleshing out now. Also I get the impression Annesburg doesn't have much of a road network, it's more of a rail depot with a couple of trails up into the hills and a load of buildings cluttered together.
  10. I was thinking that, say you ask the barber for a handlebar moustache, then gradually let the rest grow back, then shave a bit more of that off. Multi-level beardage. Wondered if it would be that in depth.
  11. You can just about make out the church tower in that shot, shame most of the new screens were close ups of characters (who wants to see those??!)
  12. Yeah it will be ready to be explored alone when I set my MTU to 700, just like GTA Online.
  13. The free roam lobby is better in that it doesn't require constant loading screens, but R* did a shitty job at balancing it. Passive is abused by twats in jets, who as soon as it starts smoking run off to spawn another one. R* knew exactly what they were doing with it later on in the lifecycle, especially Biker sell missions that favour your attackers while you try to dodge explosive ordnance in a delivery van tumbling down a hill. Their shitty practices are why I started duping, if they want to be cunts about it then so will I. I'm not going to give them 10 quid just to afford one vehicle when I can easily make 900k in a few minutes. GTAO could've been so different, but they chose that route. I'm going to stop myself ranting any further, suffice to say online isn't my priority, I will check it out of course. But Fallout 76 has me covered in that department.
  14. What about Lake Isabella? Is that where the lake? annotation is on the map do ye thunk?
  15. And so the great online debacle of '99 begins, will we ever see the dawn of 1900?
  16. Yeah like I said before I think it's not wise to use the first trailer for reference since so much has changed, especially the mountain profiles. It's going to be weird riding around Saint Denis, it's about three times bigger than Blackwater, and a lot more vertical too.
  17. Think the only game I bought a guide for was Vice City, don't know why really as there's normally a lot of incorrect info in them.
  18. Yeah I assumed they were the Toblerone peaks, still hard seeing them from different angles though. To think in a year's time i'll know the map layout and every landmark like the back of my hand.
  19. I do like Fitty and put on a faux NY accent while saying Noire.
  20. Still cheaper to buy a physical copy of a game rather than download, what year is this again?

    1. TreeFitty


      Stop using logic and just give them your money.

    2. ViceMan


      I already did, just 10 quid less of it for a physical copy.

    3. Qdeathstar


      @dupz, you can but you got to remember to deauthorize the game before you leave, the real problem, as far as sharing games like you say, is the 3-4 hrs it takes to download them. 

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  21. Pretty amazing that the only thing that seemingly changed from the leaked map was Saint Denis. Thought a lot of those names would be placeholders but nope.
  22. Yeah that's all i'm getting from it, keep hearing 100 Miles and Runnin' or Fuck Tha Police when I see the name.