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  1. Is it time to shut down the facebook page? It makes the site look derelict, and the constant advertising is just going to make people who stumble across it think it's a spam page. Last real post was over 6 months ago.
  2. Pieface

    XBOX One

    Porn didn't get behind blu-ray over HD-DVD. HD-DVD outright claimed they wouldn't let porn be distributed on HD-DVD, so porn had to follow blu-ray.
  3. Does this site still ban the whole of Israel?
  4. Coca Cola with Lime. Now only if we did it in England. I hate Diet Coke.
  5. Pieface


    Generally speaking I think most people were just fed up of labour, that's why they votes Conservatives, it most likely wasn't because of their policies. The 3 main parties here are mostly the same, they'll constantly blame each other instead of working together. Nick Clegg is the biggest failure for the liberal democrats especially after the uni fees rise. What we are seeing now is more or less a repeat of the UK in the 1980s People were fed up of Brown. While being a competent Chancellor, was a total buffoon as a PM and had Miliband been the candidate he'dve won. Just to raise this point, that was posted like 2 weeks ago. He was far from a competent chancellor, he's one of the causes of this mess. I mean this guy sold of all of the countries gold when the market was at rock bottom. Nowadays gold has never been so high in price. He wasted far too much money, while having no real way to make the money back. He spent what the country didn't have and then bam, recession. People would have been fed up with Blair, although to be fair most already were if he were there at the elections. He just jumped ship at the right time and Brown got all the crap from his own faults as chancellor.
  6. I still run on a GTX 260 Still plays some games on high.
  7. i5 2500k kills off the i7 for gaming basically. i7's main benefit is hyperthreading and games don't use it yet. If this guy is rendering HD video 40 hours a week he's kosher with an i7, but atm games rarely take advantage of ht. Yeah, I know at the moment games don't take advantage of it, but for the future it might be a good investment. That way if he needs to improve his computer in the future maybe he could just pop more RAM in, and a new Graphics Card instead of splashing out on a whole new PC.
  8. Just a question. You have a powerful graphics card, yet a mainstream processor. Why not go for i7 which would most likely last longer in the future than an i5. Also with games being around 15-20GB in some cases, why not have a big HDD along with your SSD. Put your OS and a few games that are the most demanding on the SSD and the rest on the normal HDD?
  9. There's a thread all about Football for you there. Enjoy!
  10. It's a good game, but it is extremely linear for anyone thinking it's anything like Fallout. It's more linear than CoD although going through the tunnels never seems to get boring.
  11. Pieface

    360 vs PS3

    Own a PS3, but prefer the Xbox.. Just know I won't get much in the UK selling a 20GB US PS3. I just found the community, and the multiplayer experience on the 360 more too my preference, also after owning an xbox and xbox 360 for so many years, I can't get used to the playstation controller anymore. I don't play games consoles really anymore, I just play on the PC if I do play a game.
  12. Boscastle Pots by Pieface8765, on Flickr In Boscastle at the moment doing research.
  13. Just a general wonder. Say goal line technology was enforced, is it only on the goal line, or is it like cricket, whereby they look at the build up (e.g. if it was a no ball etc). So would they bring it back for an offside, or there be a different debate on extending goal line technology?