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  1. I think they should make the online game play like red dead redemption undead nightmare. I'm not sure if it's the same for the first red dead game because I never played that one online but on undead nightmare you could form clans/gangs with each other & run around & help your partners (or whatever you wanna call them) fight or just run around exploring. R* should make it kinda like that. You all start out as a different color but if you're able to join/form a clan/gang turn you all into the same color so you know who is with you. On the online settings where you can make your own character, they also need to have an option to make your own gang color, & also your own gang tag. They should also have an option of a starting teritory, let you pick where your gang starts & be able to get a gang safe house in that teritory. They should also bring back spray painting, kinda like they did in GTA SA to mark/cover other gang teritory. That's my thoughts on online gang building. If I think of anything else or a bunch of people don't like this idea, I'll be sure to post ways of improving the thought of it. What do you guys think?
  2. Free running in this game would be awesome. I hate bein chased by cops or other people tryin to kill you & you can't climb the damn wall properly when it's not even above your knees. They need to add a better free running game play to the game so you can get around easier & avoid bein killed cuz your character is to stupid to climb something so small. I think free running would be awesome. Anybody else?
  3. I think you should have an option in the settings menu to turn realistic/non-realistic mode on/off. That way everybody is happy. Turn non-realistic mode on when you're in a mission you don't wanna fail, & turn realistic mode on when you just don't care & are just playin around to pass time or somethin. Me personally, would love the realistic mode because I like games being as close to real life as possible. In reality, you don't just get shot, then go to the store to buy a drink or something.... you're ass is layin on the ground cryin. I always hated the part about the GTA games when you can just stand there & get shot 100 time & still have a lot of health left. They need to make an option so you can turn something like that on & off. What do you guys think?
  4. It could be a follower of Grove St. Maybe they all got taken out & someone formed a new gang to take Grove St.'s place but also has a different name, or it could kinda be like a new start for the gang to help them increase in power, strength, & numbers.
  5. I would like to see facial hair this time around. I would also like for them to bring back a lot of good hair cuts & tattoos, & be able to place them where you want them to be & be able to choose a color for both tattoos, & hair. It would be pretty nice to see muscle building & weight gaining come back into play. It's cool how you can build certen skills but muscle would really be nice. The only thing is, is can the make it look legit if they were to bring it back? Clothing, I would love to see. GTA IV had a nice suit store but nothing to impressive about the other stores. I would like to see the selection type of GTA SA & be able to change clothing color too, & it would be awesome if they added custom clothes so that you can actually pick a design to put on your shirt &/or pants yourself. They said something about bein able to get a diving suit, & it would be cool if you could customize it to the way you like. That's what I think they should do. How about you?
  6. It'll let me start a topic no problem but not a forum
  7. It wont let me start a new Forum. I'll find where it'll let me but it wont do anything & says "You cannot start new forum". Is there a reason why I can't start one of my own?
  8. They need to make it like the Elder Scrolls games, where if you get arrested you go to prison or jail depending on how bad the crime is & once you're in prison/jail, you can pick the lock, sneak out, & be home free, but also have the risk of actually getting cought though instead of just being able to walk on by like you haven't done anything. Make the game play to where if you commit a crime you have a bounty put on you so if you do escape the cops they will still be looking for you, just like real cops would... But i think they should probably wait until you beat the game that way your bounty & the cops wont get in the way when you're trying to go to a mission or trying to beat a mission, that way it'll add a little excitement to the game when you have no more missions to play or are just getting board... Or if you want & if R* does, have a setting in your phone to where you can turn on/off your bounty count that way you wont have to wait till the end of the game. I think that would be pretty cool. How about you?
  9. I think it would be cool if the had a pet store type place & let you go in & buy your own dog to help you fight kinda like Franklin's dog, & if you are Franklin let you change your dog.
  10. It would be awesome to put caves around the world in the game, both above & under water.
  11. You should have a cabin out in the woods with deer, bear, bore, & wolf mounts around, Kinda like a hunting theme. & i also like the above coment. Have a built in car mod in your garages so you can customize your cars before you hit the road in any house you own & be able to hold a good amount of cars.
  12. I would like to see different types of monkeys out in the woods or somethin
  13. I think it would be cool if they added swamp areas & had alligators & snakes, more types of fish ( like more sharks & whales).