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  1. Definitely a comet for me And I don't think it's a stadium, maybe some kind of large factory MMM
  2. I have nothing on my mind, sorry.

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    2. Massacre


      I bet I could get her.

      *Sits in cozy chair instead*

  3. Yeah so my internet is bad. Sarcasm
  4. Is that good or bad, do you like me?
  5. Thanks I thought the lower the ping the better
  6. gta5

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    2. ViceMan


      Save some for me.

    3. Rayge


      I took the liberty of blunting the edge, wouldn't want it to be too quick!

    4. MichealMM
  7. What's up with the chatbox? Needs o be used more!! :)

    1. ViceMan


      Jusy do what the other noobs do and post an update saying simply "gta 5". Oh how i'd love to bash their skulls repeatedly with a meat cleaver.

  8. Anyone realise how much of a legend Stevie Wonder is? Love his voice and music! MMM
  9. Was going to write along the lines of what you wrote so, as it's quicker I'll just agree with you MMM
  10. I think dogs as pets would be cool. Let them attack robbers and smell out drug dealers. Although I agree it would be a waste of time taking them for walks and all that shit haha. It would also be funny shooting them and watching them die. MMM
  11. Just finished Red Dead :D

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    2. MichealMM


      Yes to 100% done all the side missions, unlocked everything and found all the wanted citizens :) Now I just use the cheats and mess around online :)

    3. Rayge


      There is no online in Red Dead Revolver, you silly. x

    4. MichealMM


      There is a online on Red Dead Redemption, you silly. x

  12. dogs - viscous tigers bears rats snow leopards (if there's a snowy location) sharks dolphins MMM it would also be cool if there was a big wildlife park with dolpins, leopards, rhinos and other cool animals hahaha MMM