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  1. ...I have no words that can describe how awesome this game is looking.
  2. Glad to see the news about the 2 discs, with the first one only being used for the mandatory install. I liked LA Noire, but I didn't like that it had more than one disc to play through the whole game.
  3. Nice. Hadn't seen that. I have a dumb question here about that picture. I'm quite curious why in the blue hell is that one police car driving down the middle of a plowed field.
  4. I agree. Didn't one of those original Driver games have that feature? It got annoying real quick. But as for realism, I certainly don't want every nit pickin little thing to piss off the cops while I'm in the middle of doing something; but I do expect the gameplay itself to have a some sort of logical realism to it.
  5. Debating. Not sure whether I want to get the Special Edition or be stupid and pre-order the Collectors Edition. *sorry for bumping a week old topic*
  6. That map looks legit Dupz. Not sure about the huge Alamo Sea you got there but I'll bet that when we finally get to see the full map, your map is going to come a whole lot closer than anybody elses.
  7. Only thing is, I don't believe Rockstar lied about the size. People might have misinterpreted what they meant, but like what some others have said, when they mean bigger than RDR, GTAIV, etc...I'll bet they were combining total map size of the city, the country side, and underwater in their figures while other people took it to mean the city would be bigger and that isn't what they said. Edit: Had to fix a typo before the grammar police ticketed me.
  8. Very impressive map! And it being small, according to some, I couldn't care less. To me, what I see so far is plenty big, not to mention the fact that there are obviously what appears to be some smaller sections of the city still missing, including the airport, and chunks of the country side that isn't visible.
  9. Agree. That's why I have both the console and pc version of GTA IV. Certain mods out there really enhances the replay value of the game after you've beaten the game two or three times.
  10. Here in Tennessee, it's government owned. The TVA. However, I think the local power companies that distribute the power amongst customers are determined by the municipality. Where I live, its owned by the county electric department. While another town 45 minutes away from me the company is privately owned, and basically has a monopoly on all of the other public utility services, too.
  11. Haha. The camera pans around the airport check in line as Michael and Trevor stroll around, and you see in the background a dude collapse to his knees as TSA agents yank on his balls; all the while his shirt reads "Don't Touch My Junk." I could totally see that happening.
  12. Finally the stream appears to be working. On Commerical atm.
  13. All this talk about not needing a federal government. You do realize that for several years after the revolution we operated under the Articles of Confederation? During that time, the federal government was a weak government like you're all talking about. The states were still reeling from the war and feared a strong national government would get too powerful and start suppressing the rights of the people like England did to the colonies. It wasn't until after that problems started arising with a weak government. That's when delegates started meeting in secret, for their actions were in fact treasonous, to draft the Constitution. To think that our present government came about through a coup d'├ętat basically. Anyway, back to the point. Yes today's government is not "of the people, by the people, and for the people" anymore, but our government is not behaving in a manner that would warrant states seceding or calling for a new government. The people demanding to secede are just mad because the government supports gay marriage, requires health insurance, and demands taxes especially on the wealthy and the president is black -- most of those folks are white, middle aged to older, Bible thumping Christians who have no desire to change their thinking. Now don't get me wrong, the government does have problems that need to be fixed but that's exactly why the founding fathers creating a living Constitution. They knew issues would arise in the future that they can't account for. But the problem isn't really the Constitution, or the government itself, it's the people running the government that need to be fixed. To fix that problem, well, go to the polls and vote or get up and start trying to run for office yourself.
  14. I do. No demo. Agreed. Rockstar loves dishing out the suspense and making their fan base salivate. They want them long midnight lines at the local game centers -- makes for really good publicity.
  15. Whats legal is determined by government. If you succeed from a government, your no longer required to abide by it's rules (if you win) (unless you loose). Yeah...that's exactly what I said when referring to the Supreme Court ruling -- they're the ones that determines what's legal, not government -- checks and balances. Unlawfully seceding would ultimately result in war. The loser would then be subject to the terms of the victorious party.
  16. Despite all the hoopla, a legal and preaceful seceding will never happen. I'll be the first to admit, I didn't study Consitutional Law in college, only Criminal Law. However, if I recall, the Supreme Court's ruling on the matter is two-fold. After the Civil War, the Court ruled that seceding from the Union is in fact unconstitutional, but also a state may attempt to gain its independence through a successful revolution -- tried, and failed once before. Despite being unconsitutional in the Courts, however, like all matters regarding the Constitution I believe it could be brought up before the states just like a normal federal amendment. If the petitioning state could bring it before Congress and the States, it could possibily result in a legal seceding. If 3/4 majority (38 states) ratify, they could in fact legally expel a state from the Union. As I will never happen legally or peacefully.
  17. I think the article was written poorly. It mainly drolls on about how gta was made and what wont be in the game.... Edit about 10 pages out of that article and youd be a lot more excited.... I never saw a article go on for so long about what a game didnt have as this article did.. Yeah I noticed that as well, I just wanted to know about GTA V, not the in depth history of Rockstar Games, to be honest. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice how to story wasn't very...well, I can't think of a good word for it. Obviously I'm sure some of it is because R* didn't want to reveal too much, so the story was confined to what they could get....but there it definately brought up more questions than it answered. One being when they mentioned how big the map was, how it would be larger than RDR, LC, etc. combined. Can the game fit on a single Xbox disc or will it require more than one due to the massive scale. It doesn't matter to me since I have a PS3, too...but I'm still quite curious as I would prefer the Xbox version.
  18. Trevor is by far the craziest one....but I think I see my self playing the majority as Michael.
  19. Hmm...looks good. Starting to look forward to this -- the guy on the right is friggin awesome lookin though. I'm still skeptical about the 3 protags though, but hopefully GI can eleviate those concerns.
  20. I'm going to say yes, this is the first. I could be wrong, but I don't recall there ever being lifeguards in Vice City or San Andreas, much less LC or GTAIII
  21. That's a really good example of taking realism too far. Tanks plowing trough fences and small vehicles while chasing you in Downtown LS seems fine to me, but more importantly it's fun. I know I'm a little late to this post....but it sure its a bitch when you're trying to complete a mission while being chased by tanks and fighter jets.
  22. Feels like a long time ago? Really? It WAS a long time ago . 2 years shy of 10 years ago. God....I was 17 then. Damn.
  23. I'm still skeptical about the multiple protags, not sure I like the idea at the moment -- if it's true. Maybe that's the "new bold direction" that they're referring to?