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  1. Shucks, that's disappointing. At least we do have a confirmed date so now I have something to look forward to next week.
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    WWE 13!

    I gave up on the WWE games. I used to run a wrestling game site so THQ would send us a couple copies of the games after they were released, and since they were free I wasn't so picky about them, but the Storymode was always my biggest attachment to the game. After I purchased WWE '12, I said enough. Just like the Madden games (and their horrible Franchise mode), I'll never buy another until they get their shit together and start producing something worth a damn. WWE Here Comes the Pain was by far the best game they ever produced and had the most re-play value out of any of predecessors and successors.
  3. Just saw this thread and thought I'd introduce myself; name is Daniel Haven't really been much of a gamer but always loved the GTA games. I think the original GTA game was one of the first PC games I ever played on our Packard Bell computer (not a name you hear anymore, lol). I was hooked on GTA ever since, especially since GTA III and then on. Discovered this website back when San Andreas came out. Never really got involved in any of the discussions or anything but I would tend to hang out and check the boards from time to time. Despite the criticisms of GTAIV, I totally loved it -- but San Andreas, maybe even Vice City, was my favorite. That's all for now.
  4. Much like most others, I'm thinking it's coming in the next few days I feel like after the report from Rockstar about the power outages hampering their ability to finish the video, they had all intentions of releasing the second trailer around the same time as the first one. Hard to believe its been almost a year already since the first trailer.