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  1. I'm still here.. or am I? Yep definitely still here.
  2. 8 million may be a lot for online games, but considering that at the same time they had sold 54 million copies, it's clear that single-player is what brings in the masses. They're not going to let that part of GTA go to shit is what I mean.
  3. I'm more optimistic about the future of GTA tbh. T2 announced last month that shark card sales have generated $500 million since GTA Online went live 2.5 years ago, but GTA V made a billion in just 3 short days! Rockstar would be mad to rely GTAO going forward. Then there's the fact that GTA has traditionally been a single-player game. In early September last year, the director of design at R* North stated that GTAO had 8 million active players. A few weeks before that, T2 said that GTA V had sold 54 million copies since launch! So GTAO isn't as big a success as R* claims and they definitely know this. Don't get me wrong, GTAO is definitely here to stay. It's just that it won't be the end of GTA as we know it and we'll definitely get awesome single player experiences in the future. According to Leslie Benzies himself, the Housers didn't care about GTAO during its development. Besides, Sam Houser seems obsessed with paying homage to his favorite movies through his games and he wouldn't be able to pull that off in an online game. We'll have to wait and see, but I'm not going to believe GTA is dead just yet.
  4. Nah I'm hyped for this, here's some of the stuff I noticed The Windsor is probably a convertible You can probably see it better here with the picture of the new jet That new jet looks cool, but I wonder if it has a good interior. It also seems smaller than the luxor so it might be easier to land away from airfields. I also think they updated the Serrano. This new SUV is a Benefactor that seems loosely based on the Mercedes ML or GL, but from the side it kind of looks like an BMW X5 so maybe the Rebla from GTA IV jumped manufacturers I also noticed drum magazines on the special carbine, combat PDW, and compact rifle I'm excited about the new super-cars as well, here's another look at the Pegassi Reaper Then there's this new car. Considering that there's a new Ford GT and there's a Vapid badge at the front of this car, I'm guessing this is a new Bullet This next Grotti looks like it's based on the Ferrari Scaglietti I always liked to pretend that my integrity street apartment was my online character's office, but now I don't have to. Here's some caps of the offices. I wonder what this 3-D map of the city is for, and why the boss is carrying a revolver. I'm guessing our organization's name would go on the plaque above the secretary's desk Would the offices have working helipads? This may be a bit of a stretch but I hope that this image of an arsenal means we'd be able to store unused weapons so we don't have to cycle through dozens of handguns before a drive-by. In general, these offices look pretty dope. ^lol money fridge These new offroad Rumpos remind me of the van from Saint's Row The new helicopter looks kinda futuristic but I dig it I wonder how powerful this new truck will be, seems like a tank I know I might set myself up for disappointment, but I hope this is a purchasable cargobob And finally, they added a tugboat. Dunno who asked for this but overall, I think this update is going to be awesome. Seriously guys, even if I'm wrong about the purchasable cargobob, working office helipads, and weapons arsenal, this update is bigger than anything we've got so far this year.
  5. I've never been to Mexico but I would love to try a peachy merry cone, I've heard Mexicans talking about it. I assume it's some sort of traditional Mexican ice-cream? only remembered to save 4 clips but here's some of my snaps a little lowrider surfing I used playstation's share factory to make this next clip for the first time, not that great but I'll figure it out eventually.
  6. Yup, we gained our independence from Britain December 16th 1971! Plenty of time until then though and there really isn't any way to rep Bahrain in GTA V, unfortunately.
  7. I downloaded the level Wednesday night and only planned on walking around and exploring since it was late. Next thing I knew I was simulating a poltergeist and destroying magic viruses in a secret subterranean laboratory. Next time, I'll try using the exploding golf-ball!
  8. I'd post some snaps but I gotta clear some space. I managed to save 41 clips last night, but somehow didn't have enough space for a single snap!? Anyway, I'll sort through my old gallery at some point, but at least I did make use of most of my clips. I forgot the epic Valkyrie/Cargobob/Technical chase we did since I wanted to start the video in the training area, so I'll definitely make a shorter chase video later this week. Here's a highlight reel of last night's fun.
  9. Had a great time last night, I said I was tired and didn't do the second playlist but that's only because I won the first and didn't want to push my luck First car lineup at the pier Meeting at the pier did give a cool Boardwalk Empire type feel which was perfect for my Nucky Thompson themed Roosevelt Some lovely but deadly dames Mercy and I having a soap opera moment PocaHotness getting ready to run a marathon in heels A short highlight reel. I have a couple of clips I didn't use so I might make another video in a few days
  10. Well I did choose a shitty song to play in the background as a joke. Oh well, I might try uploading it again with a new song. Last time I ever use "I want it that way." Here's a revised version with a different song.
  11. Daymn, Jason and Casey's videos of that ramp job make it look amazing! I got dropped halfway through the first playlist and was unable to join you guys. I'm guessing there was just too many of us playing. Still though I did manage to string the few clips I got and messed around with the sound effects and stuff in the creator. Is there a way to keep action replay on when starting new jobs? Because it always stops when that happens and I never remember to turn it on at the beginning of a new job. Anyway here's my clip
  12. Glad I missed the drama at the end. I had a great time with you all here's my snaps and a Michael Bay inspired highlight reel at the end. Almost crushed by next week's theme Always wear a helmet That's an angry train A Goose in flight Run bitch RUN!!! Super Mario jump A flying lawn-mower police submarine? Savage warfare Explosive highlight reel, enjoy.
  13. Another great crew night! I managed to get a bunch of snaps and uploaded my first few videos too. Showing up to the car meet in Sandy Shores in style. The second clip is a little crappy, there was a lot going on and I'm kind of new to R* editors That second plane didn't go very far I'm afraid Flipping the Goose, I think Dupz was flying. Car meet at the Vinewood sign. Showing off my twin turbos to Big Boss, despite the fact that I haven't unlocked the turbo for this character. I think he's just jealous. The rides Kuz and I are bathrobe brothers. or bathrobe siblings in this case. Playlist Tokyo drifters Car crash! Taste the rainbow And that's how they're made.
  14. Messing around on ghosman's yacht the other day. A flying abominable beer-man appears! I kill you manages to land a dodo on the back of the yacht! Later I clumsily destroy it Hopped back to single player to find Michael and Amanda had some more kidss