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  1. When did season two start? That show is so funny! And bones I agree, straight outta Compton was really, really good
  2. Lmao. I asked and they said they could not do that (just throw a piece of chicken on, what is the big deal??). But mmm, this is my type of sandwhich anyway. And thanks! You can come with me next time to get yours done too
  3. hey its been some time, but finally something exciting I want to share met with this man, dan minihan (game of thrones), yesterday at 5:30am. 11pm last night, filming in dumbo.
  4. I'll get on later bones. Should be done with work by 5 Massacre get a new subscription
  5. You're welcome I'm tired as fuck at work now
  6. coconuts & banana trees. I didn't take enough pictures in florida. on my last night, we lit Chinese paper lanterns and sent them off, but those pictures came out blurry.
  7. Shindig at my place w/ kuz, dio, bones, and triplestack
  8. I'll check that one out. Im watching black butler now
  9. Im so fucking high right now. I found two stale ass fucking blunts hiding in my gta disc case
  10. Im rewatching samurai champloo right now because it is fucking amazing. Even if you dont watch anime i suggest you watch it. But seriously, does anyone here watch anime besides me?
  11. I went to heaven but couldnt get in, For what i have done I said please take me. They said youre crazy You had too much fun