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  1. How do you get that mustache, can't find it anywhere!?
  2. How the hell do you buy Real estate. Won't work for me

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      you might have to reach a certain point in the story, or have the right character... some are only purchasible as specific guys...

    2. gtagrl


      You'll see a house and dollar sign icon, and standing near the real estate sign will trigger the prompt to buy. It'll tell you if your current dude isn't allowed to buy that property.

  3. The game is fucking sleep.

  4. It said the Observatory is a notorious location for secret meetings.Seems like the Epsilon is there.
  5. Isn't Grove St. Crips? In South Los Angeles there is a Crip set called Rollin 60's. They have a hood somewhere called OverHills so in GTA V they might have just named it Killer Hills... I don't know.
  6. Why did you put Rick Ross and Gucci Mane? There fake as fuck.
  7. I can't wait until the better quality comes out so I can read those damn graffiti
  8. Ew the iFruit symbol is shaped like a penis.
  9. Franklin is in the hydra, look close. He is wearing the same clothes from trailer 2. That alos shows that all characters can be able to use the planes and stuff.
  10. 1:13! The Angels of Death symbol is on that truck....hmmm, are they back?
  11. Michael looks like my grandmother, he just needs blonde hair and some women features in the face.
  12. No on the news they said he moved to Vice City and opened a car shop i think
  13. I'm glad he is in Gta V. I want to see him whip 40 Glocc's ass again!
  14. Fuck you Sandy, I want to bust a nut in your eye!
  15. The girls shirt says " Love Fist." Does that name ring any bells?