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  1. When I get GTA5 for PC, I'm going to spend my last money on a good videocard to run it, and then retire from society to spend the rest of my life in Los Santos.
  2. There's always a balance between gameplay(-ability) and realism. You have to leave many realistic aspects away in games to keep it playable.
  3. If they write the story in a certain way they could extend the main storyline, they could leave loose ends for seperate storylines of different characters. Adding areas to the map might be complicated, not sure though.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if they had a build model ready. With that kind of work the devil is in the detail. Making the thing is one, but finishing off all details, finding a lot of glitches and bugs, and fixing them can take a lot of time.
  5. Reading all these posts I think it's about time for a new trailer or something... People are all imagining storylines and characters without any real clue. Maybe fun to do, but when the game comes out it may be a little disappointing that it didn't turn out to be your ideal game. I just hope the main character will be a loner, so he doesn't get called up constantly to shoot pool, have a dinner, go drinking, or whatever. I hate it.
  6. In GTA4 all safe-houses are in the north after you lose Hove Beach. I'm thinking they actually missed something in GTA4, which is the financial district. Yesterday I was looking around there and saw some stuff I had barely ever seen before after completing the game twice already. Could call it a black hole on the map, which is quite strange for such prominent area. In SA the only 'black holes' were Bayside Marina and Palomino Creek. Those areas barely had any activities, apart from the boat school in Bayside. In my opinion a safe-house is a base of operations, and then I think they should try to put operations in many areas, so you switch your base often, getting acquainted with the whole map slowly but certainly. In SA they did this really well, although there were probably too many safe-houses in some places like SF. In GTA4 you just had to drive several miles to Ray Boccino constantly, as far south as the game went storywise.
  7. What would be nice, if when you play and advance through the story you get the feeling of growing power and influence in the game world. Basically the feeling you get when you play Civilization and you start ruling the world more and more. GTA SA gave me that feeling with the gang territories, and the many places you could own (houses, businesses, CIA type of contacts and hydra plane).
  8. I never played any GTA multiplayer. What do clans do in GTA? I play QuakeLive and we just play TDM and stuff against other clans.
  9. More than GTA4 yes, because sometimes it got a bit tiring to drive the same route many times. SA had enough, maybe a tiny bit too many.
  10. Isn't 2008 the year when the crisis with sub-prime mortgages began? The crisis can be relevant for the story, as it is about money, and you see people trying to sell their house in the trailer, as well as lots of homeless people.
  11. So by the time GTA5 is released, no one will have money to buy it anymore. What's happening here (from a Dutch perspective) is that Greece has had serious problems, and has lied about their economy when joining the Eurozone (aided by no other than Goldman Sachs bank, is even on wikipedia afaik). Then countries like Italy have immense investments in Greece, which can be regarded as losses. So while Italy's economy on itself is decent, it's also undermined by Greece. Then in Spain and Portugal they have a crisis for investing too much, I think mainly in building projects, similar to Ireland. So then the richest countries, with the best economies (Germany, Holland, Austria and Finland) have to promise the Chinese and others that their investments in Southern Europe are safe, by giving them the promise that we (rich countries) will pay if it goes horribly wrong. This is OK still, but if France and Belgium will also collapse (which is happening right now), then the rich countries will not have the money that is required to guarantee Chinese (and other's) investments, so then the whole structure will collapse under its own weight. There is no solution to this problem. All current solutions basically prolong a state of relative stability (stability of this bad situation). So eventually they are only postponing the big collapse. But that can be said about the worldwide economy too, because the whole worldwide economy is (in my opinion) sick from the inside. But the rich countries in Europe are contemplating to split the Eurozone in a North and South region. Unfortunately the name of the Northern Euro would then be... Neuro... But even in that situation we would have to give up a lot of money that's simply lost in the current Eurozone, while some people still hope we will get it back. Poverty has not struck us (Holland) yet, but in Spain there is currently like 40% unemployment among young people, and they are actually forced to eat from trashcans already (seen by Dutch tourists there). When that stuff comes to Holland I might decide to go to family in rural areas.
  12. Of course Vice City is Miami. You used to have a very popular tv series called Miami Vice, which plays approximately in the same decade as VC. So Vice City won't be in GTA5, unless they have this time created the entire USA on the map, which would be nice for GTA XII.
  13. I'm pretty sure they will add Grove street. It's pure speculation, but Rockstar are relaxed enough to wink in such subtle way to add a Grove Street. They have to add 20.000 streets anyway. Another question would be if there will be anything like the Grove Street gang. Again pure speculation, but I think that's less likely. Actually I don't really remember if Rockstar took any LC gangs from GTA3 to GTA4? Or did they really start all over from scratch. Been such a while since I played GTA4...
  14. I'm not really such a speedy car fan, I usually prefer to drive the Hummer (or city bus) on the wrong side of the road to any destination. But a speedometer would be a good addition. I don't see the problem in people calculating distances and scales, most people can estimate a distance anyway.
  15. I hope the PC port won't take too long, I hope the PC port will be running well, and I actually hope (which was the plan for GTA4 right?) that they enhance the PC version, because a good gaming PC can handle much more detail.
  16. Sounds like bullshit. I discovered a few things myself: - I think Los Santos will be in the game this time - The game is probably going to be a 3D game - You can actually steal cars - There will be day/night in the game - You can pickup a weapon by walking over one you see - Cars won't be able to drive sideways unfortunately. Still old fashioned forward and backward.
  17. Let's hope GTA5 will be out before the 2012 doom's day (in december?), or let's hope there won't be a doom's day...
  18. I recognize a lot of arguments that I had to support the idea for San Fierro (including the first trailer of GTA:SA also only showing LS), but I think TreeFitty showed me an image of the mountains around LA, to suggest it doesn't have to be Mount Chilliad in the trailer, but might be another mountainous object. On a side-note: Lately I'm playing GTA:SA, trying to get the 100% completion (on 97% atm), and I notice how well a job Rockstar has done to put 3 cities and numerous small towns on a relatively small map (even though it's bigger than GTA4's). In fact the distance between the cities is really small, they just try to make it seem bigger by using a lot of swirly roads. This must've been a puzzle to achieve this. If they can work with a much larger map, it should be relatively easy to put 3 (or more) cities in. But if it's just a huge Los Santos and an immense countryside, I will also be happy. Edit: I also notice in GTA:SA that neighborhoods in LS are so tiny, it's almost cute and funny. Ganton is like 1 or 2 streets... They can easily expand all neighborhoods and agglomerations in LS, that have their own unique atmosphere, to have a very diverse one city game. Much more diverse than LC.
  19. GTA usually likes to have very interesting cities in the game. Basically the landmark cities of the US, the cities tourists would visit. Europeans do like to go to NY, LA, LV and SF (and Chicago), but what other cities would European tourists visit? San Diego... I think San Diego is too large for a town around LS in the countryside, and too insignificant (sorry San Diego residents) for a full blown GTA appearance.
  20. I'm from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The city that has 1539 bridges, but not a single impressive one. Also the city with the redlight district: And coffeeshops where you buy weed: But it's not allowed to smoke weed all over the place, so they have a special sign: Apart from weed and prostitutes, we also try to pose as a cultural capital, with museums showing works from the likes of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, etc...: in museums like this: And before the credit crisis, we tried to have some sort of business highrise, but we can better leave that to Rotterdam perhaps:
  21. My name is Paul, I'm already 30 years of age and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I've played all GTA titles, except for GTA2... besides GTA I like to play Quakelive, which is such an unbelievably hard game that after 2 years of playing I'm still on the bottom of all leagues (with almost everyone else who *only* played for 2 years) I work in the ICT industry, which is a bit too boring to keep talking about
  22. The longer they wait for releasing GTA5, the longer I get to save money for a PC to actually play it (no I don't like consoles).