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  1. well since the city is suppose to be huge im sure many places from the og san andreas will be implemented as well. what are some places you wanna re-explore? im looking forward to checking out CJs old block. the racing stadium area. the santa marina beach dowtown area and by the cemetery
  2. this is off topic and i apologize but does anyone know if gta V will run on the same engine as IV? is it a new engine or a tweaked and improvised one of the last game?
  3. Why not? In team based games in RDR you can have Rebeldes vs. American Army and such, then you are automatically given one of those character's models. What's to stop people from having a racist gang war? If they want to play honkys vs. spics vs. crackers that's up to them, R* can't really stop them. yea i personally dont have a problem with it i was just saying. i myself see my MP character as some super fat black chick in a bikini riding around on a bike lol or running around with a purple dildo (if optional)
  4. for MP characters i hope you can choose from at least over 50 different characters in all shape and colors. i can already imagine someone running around with an obese gang lol. but idk if rockstar would really want a whole gang of say "white" people having a shootout with an all hispanic or black gang idk. i just want variation in character selection besides just clothing.
  5. how about a tx city like el paso that would border with juarez mex. that would be new and large. plus not to mention it would make for a great storyline. maybe missions about crooked mexican officials. cartels, some crooked U.S border patrol agents would mix well too. but this kinda sounds like call of juarez so i dont think it would happen. Hawaii would be another great location. we would have beaches, jungles. mountains. maybe add a bunch of lil islands all around the main city each with their own distinction. cant come up with anything else right now
  6. i hope we can customize cars with hydraulics and wheels. i used to love driving in a juiced car in san andreas with fellow gang members and taking over gang territory all the while hopping the car so high from the front that the rear bumper would hit the pavement and sparks would show.
  7. i want to be able to do every exact same thing i did on san andreas. just give me some new SP missions with a good story and side missions. better MP features than gta 4 and ill be a satisfied gamer.
  8. i think a friendly (no killing other online players) ,normal (aim-assist), and hardcore free roam (no aim-assist) would be great. like RDR has for those of you that have played it. i hate how on gta4 as soon as i spawn i instantly get murdered by someone else. or when i just wanna drive around the city in a bike i get shot and killed by someone. being able to join a gang or create a gang with friends would be badass too. and a large character customization, and online missions. pretty much how RDR had their MP and more but gta 5 version. and im sure Rockstar will deliver