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  1. Finally, GTA 5 is announced for PC. I'm interested, which mods you're hoping for. Some of my favorite ones would be: -Safehouses in singleplayer (maybe even with customization and upgrades) -All vehicles are buyable through internet -in addition, some gameplay machanic, that gives bought cars an advantage or stolen ones a disadvantage (means giving them sense) -Damage and dirtyness of the cars is saved till repair or car wash -Change of the individual vehicle of the character -real weapon and car names (maybe even the real models) -more haircuts, clothing and so on....
  2. Thanks for the info. I really dont understand why there are features only for gta online like insurance or estates which would work in the singleplayer as well. Maybe they patch it someday...
  3. Hey, Love the game so far but I'm a little bit dissappointet there arent any buyable safehouses in the single player especially because Rockstar claimed there will be before release (even with upgrades like heli pad and so on). However I'm half way through so I'm not 100% sure that there wont be any. I could visit the estate site at the beginnig of the game so I hope it's a story based trigger that let you buy safehouses. Could any of you confirm/decline that?
  4. I wonder if the patch that comes today will also fix this bug, hope so!
  5. As MrMister said, the cloud/app sync could be the problem, are the server stable yet?
  6. Hey guys, i have this bug (that a lot of people seem to have due to google) where the cars dont (always) get impounded after a mission is started. This really annoys me. So i was thinking maybe its because the cars in the garage have to sync to the internet (for the app for example) so i was wondering what is your experience and do you use the app?
  7. Hey guys, I really like things to spend money on but is there any advantage of buying cars? I also dont get the "special car" thing in the garage. Where are these cars coming from? I at the very beginning so please no spoilers. Thanks
  8. I'd would be nice if anybody just say what they think it is and not insult me. I dont get the point about it? Because it's so obvious.... What do you do with parachutes? Well i would jump off a builing, but i could jump off any builing, whys there a symbol for that? And even the dumbest questions doesnt deserve such unkind behavior. I'm here to talk with people who looking forward for a game, I'm looking for fun and information. I may not have the time that some of the people around here have to gather all the information so there might be one or two question a few knew before. No need for the "smartass-mode".
  9. I'd would be nice if anybody just say what they think it is and not insult me. I dont get the point about it?
  10. I really hope there are several codes for each of the dlc's. I dont want anything to be cheaper as in the original game. However i'm looking forward to the stunt challenge.
  11. Yup, 100%. Not a single gta part was as ambitous as this one and they all had it (since gta3, pc)