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  1. Fuck Boise because they win games in a less than BCS division and are sad when they play in the Macco Bowl every year against some 6-6 team? I'm sorry, they would like to play better teams. Boise offers a home and home deal with anyone who will take it. Every once in a while a BCS team will get off it's high horse and accept that, Oklahoma State and Florida State have recently signed home and homes with Boise. They don't act like spoiled children though. They have stated countless times that they realize the importance of winning all their games and what it means if they don't. They are 9-3 since 2007 against BCS teams; losing to Michigan State last year, and Washington and East Carolina in 2007. Chris Peterson has a record of 61-5 overall at Boise. Also, you are right when you said he recruits nobodys. He gets players other teams over look. We are usually around the 40-60 area in recruiting ranking yet we are usually a top 15 team, 20 or so this year. Haven't checked recently. Boise gets players that are going to work hard on and off the field and, other then Titus Young, avoid players that cause distractions. Just this year they dismissed two of their best defensive players, Sam Ukwuachu (Now with Baylor) and Lee Hightower (Now with Houston) for team violations. Even Titus Young was suspended for almost his entire Sophomore. Boise State is often criticized for lacking in academics, which is just stupid. Look up any academic ranking of football programs and Boise football team is likely in the top five. Obviously this way of recruiting does alright. Boise currently has 21 former players in the NFL and has had 10 drafted in the last 3 years including 6 in 2012. Not overly impressive but obviously the talent is there. TCU was also doing fine in the Big 12 before their QB went to rehab. If he can stay on the field this year then I'd bet on them winning the Big 12. Unless Texas finally plays like Texas. Also, Nebraska sucks. What ranked team get beat 70-31 by an unranked team? Also, it seems like Taylor Martinez has been their quarterback for like 8 years. Also, why hasn't anyone told me that the Dolphins suck yet?
  2. Go Miami Dolphins. Go Boise State Broncos. Okay I'm done.
  3. I've read somewhere that's Ubisoft is seriously considering a PC release for this too. You guys can go sign the petition if you want, currently has around 120,000 sigs. Click
  4. evan466


    TESO is going to be stupid, especially with all of the really strong open-world games coming out. Only saw a bit of the horror gameplay but that stuff doesn't really interest me. Although the Cube mod for Fallout 3 was pretty scary at times, I recommend that if you still have Fallout 3 on your PC.
  5. evan466


    Just do a console command to send you somewhere else. I can't think of the ones where you choose a town to go to but if you have a quest marker that is outside of the hotel just select that quest click the ~ button and type movetoqt. I'm pretty sure that's it, I haven't used it in a while. When the fuck do we get to hear about Fallout 4?
  6. Was anyone watching it live, it froze a few times then I' pretty sure it crashed. I just assuming because it ended abruptly.
  7. So far that's been my favorite game of E3 so far. Looks amazing.
  8. evan466


    I'm glad some of you assholes finally took notice of this game. The game is open-world set across the sol system. Confirmed Planets are Earth, Venus, Mars, earth's moon also has been confirmed. They've been pretty vague about the story. Apparently it will be told in chapters like in a book, or sort of like the Live-action trailer above, but whether the story will go along a set a quest lines for each class like TOR or something cooler we don't know. I guessing something different because they've said that the most important element of this game is the coop play. It's too shiny? Really?
  9. It's set during WWII and at the beginning there's a wedding between a British RAF pilot and some unimportant woman. Well then after there wedding they get in a car crash and the pilot gets paralysed and can't fly anymore. I think it fast forwards a little and you see some British generals walking through and airfield littered with planes. Well turns out all the planes are fakes or something and will just be used as a diversion. Well then some German spy shows up and takes pictures of them all, gets seen, runs away, steals a boat, boat sinks, washes up on island populated only by the couple that was mentioned before. To make a longer story short he kills the man sleeps with the wife then the wife finds her husband and when the german guy is about to escape to a german u-boat she shoots him. I can't think of the name and it's bothering me so tell me if you think of it. I'd try google but frankly I have no idea what I'd google. Also is Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb a good movie?
  10. evan466


    New trailer showing some character classes and aliens.
  11. When I was like 3 my mom put me on the kitchen counter so she could watch me while she made breakfast. Long story short I put my hand on the waffle maker. I'm sure it didn't feel too great.
  12. Are they going back to the system where if you destroy a faction it makes them playable?