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  2. Nope, haven't touched my 360 for about a year and it'll be getting unplugged and moved to make room for my PS4 on Friday.
  3. Anyone who isn't already on my friends list, add me (Psycopsy). Otherwise I might struggle to invite everyone if I'm the host again.
  4. iGTA 16 Player playlist created. 10 jobs, mixture of races, LTS and deathmatches. Let me know if you want anything changed, there wasn't a huge amount to choose from which can handle 16 players.
  5. Pretty sure you can invite people at the start of each job but the score continues counting from the first job so you'd pretty much never win unless you play all of them.
  6. I'm in. I might make a playlist this weekend seeing as I'll be away from my console Only problem with a weekly winner is there will inevitably be people who join late or lose connection to the playlist. You need to be in it the whole time or it's not gonna be accurate.
  7. Here you go... Psy's Garage View your own at Social Club Garage To share your personal garage just replace SOCIALCLUBNAME with your social club nickname in lowercase: PS3 [url=""]My Garage[/url] Xbox 360 [url=""]My Garage[/url]
  8. Was fun . Don't think I stopped laughing once. Until my fighter jet got shot down... Only complaint was that it's a bit late for me. If you could start it an hour earlier next time for the UK people then I could play for longer .
  9. I should be on for awhile, send me an invite
  10. Yeah I was coming off not long after you sent it so I didn't bother joining
  11. Sorry I missed the event guys, would be cool to play with more of you. I'll be on next time if I can
  12. Strength: Start a mission from Gerald or Simeon (while on it you can't be wanted usually - don't do the mission, just drive around while it's active). Find a bus and use a car to climb on top of it. Keep stamping on top of the bus and hope you don't fall off. Because the driver will never get out, it counts as a punch/kick on target. Only takes about 15 mins of stamping to max it out . If you're lucky the driver will get the bus stuck somewhere stationary and you can stamp away. Shooting: Start gun range on your own, unlimited events. Do minigun random targets over and over. Only shoot your own targets. I think you get 1% for every 100 hits and it's pretty easy to get 50 every 30 secs so you can effectively get 100 bars in 100 mins. You'll make a small amount of RP when doing this too. Stamina: Just gotta run around. Still goes up if you're not mashing X, but I think it's based on distance rather than time so the further/quicker you run the quicker it'll go up. Lung Capacity: Swim underwater. No shortcuts with this. Takes an hour or so. Driving: Do the airport race over and over (solo) in an Adder. Set it to 5 or 10 laps. Will take no more than 10 mins to go up 25% or more. Stealth: Start a mission then just sneak around and stealth kill pedestrians. You won't get wanted so you can do it over and over. Think you need to stealth kill 200-300 people to max it out, though sneaking around in stealth mode will increase it a little bit too. Flying: Do a solo flying race (heli's, maybe the one at paleto bay) with 5 laps. Don't take any damage and try to set a new personal best every time (take your time to start with then gradually get quicker). Should max out in an hour or so.
  13. If you try to put another vehicle in your garage when it's full, it'll ask you which one you want to replace.
  14. Psycopsy. Wouldn't mind playing with a few of you when you're online. I should be on most nights
  15. *Plays anything he wants without a disk because PC is miles better than consoles*

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      never ever even installed it...

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      Me neither. As you know I am extremely anti-bandwagon proud americanry.

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      my max payne 3 still crashes on start up

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  16. Fuck. My. Life. That kid needs to sort his fucking priorities out. Get a lass (or even a lad) and get laid. Fuck sake. If he cares that much about a game, suicide is surely his only option.
  17. Psy

    Uncharted Series

    Uncharted 3 is my favourite game ever. I think. I nearly always say that after I play something to 100% completion, but I still have an urge to play through all 3 games again. That's how good they are. How Naughty Dog went from Crash Bandicoot to that is amazing
  18. That's what makes football so interesting though. Teams can play like Stoke (or Chelsea, same thing) and hoof it up the pitch constantly waiting for someone to get a knock down. They can pass it and create openings like Spain/Barca, they can play quick passing, wing-play based football like Real Madrid/Bayern Munich, they can just defend with plenty of men behind the ball and play for free kicks or penalties (like any of Roy Hodgson's teams)... Spain do it a way that is incredibly effective. Portugal matched them for 105 minutes but it's impossible to keep closing people down for longer than that, and that's why Spain absolutely battered them in the second half of extra time. At the end of the day, you'd rather watch your team win 1-0 in every game and win the league than have exciting games that end 4-4...
  19. Spain were immense. Dunno how anyone can get bored of watching them. So what if they don't attack and score 8 every game? Neither do England, and England are NOWHERE NEAR to their level. They keep the ball, tire out the opposition and have the talent to pick out a ridiculous pass for a tap in almost whenever they want. Glad they won again and really can't see anyone stopping them in the near future with the young talent they just keep rolling out.
  20. I said before the tournament it would be Spain vs Germany in the final, with the Nazi's winning it. Also thought Holland would get to the semi's though. Epic fail.
  21. Spam bots can't read general discussion (unless they're members). But if people prefer to PM, send me your email via PM or just add me