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  1. I wonder if we can attach carts to horses? It does say about repair. It we would be awesome to go on a huge hunting trip for just the day and get tons of animals. Plus can a horse really carry a bear? This is gonna be fun. Hope they keep animals for online. Didn’t they say you can wear all animals on your head? Imagine what else other than a rat you could have maybe a pigeon or a snake hat.
  2. Well rockstar has just said there are around 200 different species of animals, birds and fish. I bet there is a trophy for it. This game is gonna be on another level for hunting.
  3. I am a bit worried as I haven’t seen anything about lassoing people. I use to love lassoing people and placing them on tracks or where animals could get them. I hope thats in the game. Can’t wait to play as these hands on preview makes it sound great. Some things are really exciting. I like the realism I was playing kingdom come deliverance recently and I love how detailed in realism it was. I dont know if I like be stuck in a single area as I like to explore everything straight away.
  4. Look like they are electric lamps attach to telegraph poles. The one on the far right looks like a women (due to her cuffs and boobs) so is this Abigail?
  5. You are correct. I bought the buccanneer and to just gain the additional stuff had to pay £390K (that does include basic hydralics). The next upgrade in hydralics was 125K and top being 290K. There are under the hood/boot improvements but you don't see them and are expensive. Nothing is cheap!
  6. Sadly I won't be there again. Fingers crossed for next week.
  7. Well it was nice to see you all for that 2 minutes!
  8. Oh down to 0.4 so I will def not be there sadly.
  9. That's where I will probably be. Hopefully Internet will be sorted by then as download speed is only 0.5mbps although upload is 5.5mbps.
  10. I am going to wear nothing like I normally do. Oh wait you mean in game, I be wearing blue and what ever other colour you guys decide. I can only stay for an 1hour though.
  11. Did this while i was bored:- Never has there been a Igta night without the cops sticking their noses in. And that is all i got
  12. They might have as i now have a garage full of rebels.
  13. Can we try later to get the later the police uniform?