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    Delilah seems like the kind of girl who would go topless.
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    no mask otiz bifta be fucked love my new home. finally not homeless and this
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    Saw this, made me Lol, too many Gs i guess.
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    Practice Shots with Bones This guy hit the blades and skipped right across like a stone on water DEAR GOD IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!!!!! Late night aftershow.... Dio entering for his show For some reason gtagrl sneaking Got one from nitro circus before my attention span went turnip and I had to ramp an ambulance. BMX stunts by bmx (I believe...) gtagrl (and a crouched kuz...)hanging out in a vat of warm piss gtagrl gave kuz some shit for trashing her nemesis. ikillyou's turn Dio's nitro circus rip-off
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    i got a brilliant idea for the contest, and it doesn't even involve the new planes, just the new suit ... i'll probably not get on until really late tonight, but i want to try and set it up tomorrow night if possible... prolly need at least 5 or so people...
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    i guess people just don't want to play the game anymore... yea, the pay isn't enough, but how else are you suppose to get it? by playing missions... you just gotta do it if you want that paper... i am not against it, i actually think this might rejuvenate the richman group again, if anyone else is interested in joining some time...
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    Fuck it. I did it. Gimmee pie!
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    Yeah the K&N is a good idea, i'd go with that. Check summit racing. they might have it cheaper. You know what... I think I might trade/sell my crown Vic for another muscle car, I'm thinking 73/74 charger again...hmm
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    yep. black and yellow has always worked on bad ass cars dude. should check out some car shows. blow yer mind away.
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    o.O REALLLLLLY!! OMFG! cherry....heh. then apple.... kuz is also right too.... ;-p
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    I think this plate suits Ghostman the most. He seem to fly more than anyone else around here imo. I'll happily step in as a stuntman so he can take some shots... Or anyone else that wants a go at it. Maybe that inverted parallel Top Gun shot can finally be attempted?
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    I do the missions for fun. Ill do any of em. Ive always said that. I agree there Bonesy seems nobody but a few want to do em. CFO-dont hate cause its beautiful. Expand your creative horizon boi. Do what I do, pretend its paint and not carbon fiber.
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    I got halfway through flight school last night before I started nodding off. It's like SA driving school all over again.
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    I need to do flight school I just hope my hard lessons with ghostman have prepared me enough for this next test
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    No missions should pay less than 20k. Considering how much shtuff costs. Never happen, I know. But still...
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    When I saw the choices were roadster vs. split rear window, I went hardtop. Hands down.
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    My hardtop: The thumbs-up action was fucky during the selfie, she kept turning off camera to do it...oh well.
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    we did trash talk didnt get 16k 14.8k actually
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    look at dem gerald missions finally paying off!! i am down for those fo sho!! finally, some respect, a few of those were challenging... to be honest, i think i like the fact that it's more balanced, it keeps the playlist screen going....
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    From reddit Also, missions for low-level people. Is that payout for Pier Pressure and No Hay Bronca legit?
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    next to them in brackets it says storage. you can call them with your mechanic and the pigalle IS a sports classic
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    Some pay out changes... played solo, hard difficulty... Potshot was $10,500 now $7,310 Defender was $17,250 now $15,540 Trash Talk was $15,000 now $13,720 Mixed Up With Coke was $13,500 now $14,490 Crystal Clearout II was $7,500 now $9,480
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    cant expect much other than that from a sports classic brakes didnt exist back in the day edit not that cars go in storage, my hick character gladly bought a garage in paleto and a house in grapeseed yay, 16 cars in storage
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    Are those chrome? My only issue with the default wheels (and this applies to most cars) is that they're alloy. I don't know why alloy is even an option. Pretty much every car has chrome trim, and there are only a few wheel options that are chrome. Chrome should replace alloy as the default color.
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    I got $20790 for Extradition, so that's a good one. Also Damn that Coquette! At first i wasn't sure i'd like it, but after playin around with it in SP i think it will keep me satisfied until the Dukes comes back Just look at that Horny car!
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    We have a potential settlement deal. You'll have to fill out the proper forms and affidavits, admit full responsibility for all damages in writing, and cover all of the enormous costs incurred for replacement of my Ruffian. In exchange, after all paperwork has been filed and my bike has been tested by my mechanic, the provision of one (1) pie of your choice, can be arranged.
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    Love my bows and arrows. Stealth and Archery were maxed out at 100 first. Ebony, max smithed and variously max enchanted.... Daedric and Ebony arrows here.... Thu'um Master, learned all 3 words of the final shout. Now have all the shouts (x3 words) for the base game. Sovngarde was just beautiful. If the afterlife is that good take me now. I thought one last detail about the end was interesting. I guess the DLC's are next. ...
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    It's an FA50 from '85. The dude didn't include pics with his ad, but Google gave me 'dis:
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    Found a cheap-ass moped. 100mpg (and numerous skull fractures), here I come!